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Associate Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2017 - present 

Senior Economist, U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisers, 2016 - 2017

Assistant Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2009 – 2017 (on leave: 2016 - 2017) 

Researcher, Chapin Hall Center for Children, University of Chicago, 2003 - 2004 

Organizer and Asst. to National Political Director, Carpenters Union, 1995 - 2001

        Summaries we wrote
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Chaparro, J., A. Sojourner & N. Huey (forthcoming) "Differential effects from access to high-quality early care" In Sustaining Early Childhood Learning Gains. Editors: A. Reynolds & J. Temple. Cambridge Univ Press: Cambridge, U.K. Earlier IZA version.

Sojourner, A. & J. Pacas (2019) The relationship between union membership and net fiscal impactIndustrial Relations. 58(1): 86-107. Working paper versions: IZA & HCEO.

Davis, E., W. Lee & A. Sojourner (2018) Family-Centered Measures of Access to Early Care & Education. Early Childhood Research Quarterly. Earlier IZA version.

Budd, J., A. Sojourner & J. Jung (2016) Are Voluntary Agreements Better? Evidence from Baseball Arbitration. Industrial and Labor Relations Review. 70(4): 865-893. Earlier IZA version.
Sojourner, A., B. Frandsen, R. Town, D. Grabowski & M. Chen (2015) Impacts of Unionization on Quality and Productivity: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Nursing Homes. Industrial and Labor Relations Review. 68(4): 771-806. Earlier IZA NBER versions. [Appendix]

Goda, G., C. Manchester & A. Sojourner (2014) What Will My Account Really Be Worth? Experimental Evidence on How Retirement Income Projections Affect SavingJournal of Public Economics. 119: 80-92. Earlier versions.

TIAA-CREF Institute Trends & Issues brief [pdf]
Video and slides from George Washington U. business school - U.S. Federal Reserve Board joint seminar on financial literacy

Sojourner, A., E. Mykerezi, & K. West. (2014) Teacher Pay Reform And Productivity: Panel Data Evidence from Adoptions of Q-Comp in Minnesota.  Journal of Human Resources. 49(4): 945-981. [Appendix]

Mykerezi, Sojourner & West (July 2015) "Reforming Teacher Contracts: A Look at the Impact of Q-Comp on Student Achievement in Minnesota" Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) Reporter. Also a 3-page policy brief.

Duncan G. & A. Sojourner. (2013) Can Intensive Early Childhood Intervention Programs Eliminate Income-based Cognitive and Achievement Gaps? Journal of Human Resources48(4): 945-968. Earlier versions.

Sojourner, A. (2013) Identification of Peer Effects with Missing Peer Data: Evidence from Project STAREconomic Journal. 123(569): 574-605. Earlier versions.

Sojourner, A. (2013) Do Unions Promote Electoral Office-Holding? Evidence from Correlates of State Legislatures' Occupational Shares. Industrial & Labor Relations Review. 66(2). Earlier IZA discussion paper version. 

Sojourner, A., D. C. Grabowski, M. Chen & R. J. Town. (2010) Trends in Unionization of Nursing HomesInquiry. 47: 331–342.
    • Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) Exchange article summarizes paper

Working Papers

Goda, G., M. Levy, C. Manchester, A. Sojourner, & J. Tasoff. Predicting Retirement Savings Using Survey Measures of Exponential-Growth Bias and Present Bias. HCEO Working Paper 2018-059.  Earlier version: NBER Paper 21482.

2015 NBER Retirement Research Consortium annual meeting brief and slides.
Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research Brief: The Role of Exponential-Growth Bias and Present Bias in Retirement Savings

Data: NLRB Elections 1962-2009 consolidating Thomas Holmes & Henry Farber dataOSHA inspections from U.S. Department of Labor.

Works in Progress

Chaparro, J., A. Sojourner, & M. Wiswall, Child Care and the Development of Early Childhood Skill

Jatusripitak, N., E. Mykerezi, A. Sojourner & K. West. School and Teacher Preferences: Evidence from a Multi-stage Internal Labor Market.

Larson, R., S. Shannon, A. Sojourner & C. Uggen. Locked Out of the Labor Force: The Rise of Criminalization and the Fall in Work

Sajjadiani, S., A. Sojourner, J. Kammeyer-Mueller & E. Mykerezi. Using Machine Learning to Translate Pre-Hire Work History into Predictors of Performance and Retention.


Awardee, Faculty Service Award (2017), Carlson School of Management

Awardee, Mary and Jim Lawrence Fellowship (2017), Carlson School of Management

Awardee, John T. Dunlop Scholar (2015) for outstanding academic contributions to research that addresses an industrial relations/employment problem of national significance, Labor & Employment Relations Association

Finalist, Paul A. Samuelson Award (2015) for outstanding scholarly writing on lifelong financial security for Goda, Manchester & Sojourner (2014), TIAA Institute


Research fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor/Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit (IZA), Bonn, Germany

    Steering committee, Human Capital Research Collaborative 
    Director, Spring Bank

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For my U colleagues: Faculty-unionization FAQ

Data: share of corrections officers by gender-state from analysis of 2015 ACS 5-year at IPUMS-USA.