Aaron S. Keys

Current Affiliation: Airbnb, Inc. 
Past Affiliations: Glotzer Group @ U. Michigan, Ann Arbor (2004-2010); Chandler Group @ Berkeley (2011-2013); Insight Data Science (2013)

aaron dot s dot keys at gmail dot com; askeys at umich dot edu

Education and Positions

2013 Data Architect, Airbnb, Inc.
2013 Fellow, Insight Data Science, Mountain View California
2011-2013 Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley & Chemical Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
2004-2010 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2000-2004 B.S.E.in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Selected Publications

A.S. Keys, J.P. Garrahan, and D. Chandler, "Calorimetric Glass Transition Explained by Hierarchical Dynamic Facilitation," PNAS (2013).

A.S. Keys, L.O. Hedges, J.P. Garrahan, S.C. Glotzer, and D. Chandler, "Excitations are Localized and Relaxation is Hierarchical in Glass-Forming Liquids," Phys. Rev. X 1, 2 (2011).

A.S. Keys, C.R. Iacovella and S.C. Glotzer, "Characterizing Structure Through Shape Matching and Applications to Self-Assembly," Ann. Rev. Cond. Matt. Phys. 2, (2011).

A.S. Keys and S.C. Glotzer, “How Do Quasicrystals Grow?” Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 235503 (2007).

A.S. Keys, A.R. Abate, S.C. Glotzer, and D.J. Durian, “Measurement of Growing Dynamical Length Scales and Prediction of the Jamming Transition in a Granular Material,” Nature Physics 3, 260–264 (2007).

Full list of publications, Google Scholar Profile.

Selected Presentations

"Self-Assembly of Dodecagonal Quasicrystals," CECAM Workshop: Self-assembly: from fundamental principles to design rules for experiment, Lausanne CH (2013)

"Structural Signatures of a Non-Equilibrium Phase Transition in Glassy Materials: Striped Phases and the s-Ensemble," Mini Stat Mech Meeting, Berkeley CA (2013) 

 "Building Models of Stable Glasses on a Computer: Striped Phases and the s-Ensemble," CECAM Workshop: Design of Self-Assembling Materials, Vienna AT (2012)

"Entropy-Driven Self-Assembly of Micellar Quasicrystals and Their Approximants," Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Seminar, Nottingham UK (2012)

"Computer Simulation Study of Structure and Dynamics of Elementary Excitations in Model Glass-Forming Liquids," International Workshop on Dynamics in Viscous Liquids, Rome (March 2011).
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