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Word of the DayDatePart of SpeechDefinition
Word of the DayDatePart of SpeechDefinition
ngofngof October 7, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To blow ones nose. 
dåkkon October 8, 2008 Noun Liar, untruthful person, double-tongued. 
månnge' October 9, 2008 Adj/Adv Delicious, exquisite, highly pleasing to the senses, taste, or mind. 
fakcha'i October 10, 2008 Verb (transitive) To arrive (at a propitious moment), to discover, to find.  
såffe October 11, 2008 Verb (transitive) Duster, brush, to dust, to brush 
håssan October 13, 2008 Adj/Adv Rare, infrequent, rarely, seldom, scarce. 
hosme October 12, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To attend, to be present 
mapotge' October 14, 2008 Adj/Adv Pregnant, being with child, gravid 
åmot October 16, 2008 Noun Medicine, herb, drug, narcotic drug 
åmot October 16, 2008 Verb (transitive) Dispossess, deprive by force, bereave, debar, hinder from possessing, take (something) away, grab from, snatch from 
essålao October 17, 2008 Verb (intransitive) Yell, shout, loud cry, cry aloud, howl, clamor 
pika October 18, 2008 Adj/Adv Spicy (hot) 
ayek October 19, 2008 Verb (transitive) To choose, to select, to pick out 
gefsåga October 20, 2008 Adj/Adv Rich, affluent, opulent, wealthy, well-situated, characterized by abundance 
chaddek October 21, 2008 Adj/Adv Fast 
sodda' October 22, 2008 Verb (transitive) To find 
maigo'ñaihon October 24, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To take a nap, to sleep for a little bit/while 
åligao October 25, 2008 Verb (transitive) To search for, to look for 
kubåtde October 26, 2008 Noun Coward, destitute of courage, easily scared, not brave, timid 
hekkua' October 27, 2008 Verb (intransitive) I don't know, I'm not sure, I am uncertain. 
sulon October 30, 2008 Pseudo-verb To slip, to slide 
kietu October 31, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To keep still, to not move, to be quiet 
ångokko November 1, 2008 Verb (transitive) To trust, to rely on, to put confidence in, to have faith in, to place reliance in, to confide in. 
hongge November 2, 2008 Verb (transitive) Believe, trust, have faith or confidence, accept as true. 
chilong November 3, 2008 Adj/Adv Proportionate, equal, uniform, of like measure, fitting, becoming. 
guåhu November 4, 2008 Pron. First person emphatic pronoun: I, me. 
gågao November 5, 2008 Verb (transitive) To request, to ask for, to ask, to demand as due, to claim 
chalek November 6, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To laugh. 
atok November 7, 2008 Pseudo-verb To conceal, to hide. (living objects) 
tånges November 8, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To cry, to weep, to sob. 
guma' November 9, 2008 Noun House, home, shelter, refuge, dwelling, dormitory. 
abak November 10, 2008 Adj/Adv Lost, gone astray, take something by mistake. 
åsson November 11, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To lay down, to recline. 
hasso November 12, 2008 Verb (transitive) Think, imagine, conceive, realize, envisage, remember. 
matå'pang November 13, 2008 Adj/Adv Silly, snobbish, discourteous, rude. 
matå'pang November 13, 2008 Adj/Adv 1.)Silly, snobbish, discourteous, rude. 2.)Uninteresting, bland. 3.)Rinsed (for most Guamanians this refers to having washed private parts, so careful when you use this meaning...). 
la'mon November 14, 2008 Verb (transitive) Up to (someone), be responsible for. 
munga November 16, 2008 Verb (transitive) No (when declining something offered). Don't (imperative).  
hungok November 17, 2008 Verb (transitive) Hear, heed, be informed, perceive by ear, gain knowledge.  
tuge' November 15, 2008 Verb (transitive) To write, to tabulate. 
iyo October 28, 2008 Pron. (classifier) Belonging to--used with possessive suffixes to form the possessive pronouns in general. 
guaiyayon October 28, 2008 Adj/Adv Loveable, capable of bing loved 
gofli'e' November 19, 2008 Verb (transitive) Like, befriend, love (platonic). 
chuda' November 20, 2008 Verb (transitive) To pour (liquid) out, to spill, to empty.  
åpåsi November 21, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To pay, to make payment, to compensate, to remunerate, to reimburse.  
mahålang November 23, 2008 Adj/Adv Yearning, feeling an earnest desire, lonesomeness. 
hålang November 22, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To cause to surrender, to cause a feeling of defeat, to cause to admit defeat, to cause to give up, to dread.  
pika November 24, 2008 Verb (transitive) To mince, to chop, to cut into slices, to cut by striking especially repeatedly with a sharp instrument. 
kåhulo' November 25, 2008 Verb (intransitive) To go up, to climb up, to ascend. 
omlat November 26, 2008 Adj/Adv Fit, fit into. 
måpao November 27, 2008 Noun Quieted down, cooled down, cooled off. 
lå'lå' November 28, 2008 Verb (intransitive) Alive, vivacious, full of life, lusty, robust, healthy, vigorous.  
nangga November 29, 2008 Verb (transitive) To wait, to stay for, to await, to wait for. 
enague' November 30, 2008 Verb (transitive) There is (towards the addressee), be right there.  
lehgua' December 1, 2008 Verb (transitive) To stir, to agitate. 
te'ok December 2, 2008 Adj/Adv Thick (liquid), thick consistency, strong (coffee or tea). 
ñalalang December 3, 2008 Adj/Adv Light (weight), easy, not heavy. 
fa'nu'i December 4, 2008 Verb (transitive) Show, present to sight, manifest, demonstrate. 
fa'denne' December 5, 2008 Verb (transitive) To make hot (spicy), to make a hot sauce. 
mañotsot December 6, 2008 Adj/Adv Reformed, repented, regretful.  
funas December 7, 2008 Verb (transitive) To eradicate, to erase, to rub out, to wipe out, to put an end to, to clear (of sin).  
tufok December 8, 2008 Verb (transitive) To weave.  
huyong December 9, 2008 Verb (intransitive) 1.) (adverb) Out, outside. 2.) (verb) Get out, emerge, bring out. 3.) (pseudo-verb) Effect, outcome. 
lachai December 11, 2008 Verb (transitive) To dispose of all, to consume, to finish off. 
tåhdong December 12, 2008 Adj/Adv Deep. 
konne' December 13, 2008 Verb (transitive) To take, to catch (e.g. fish), to bring.  
hihot December 14, 2008 Adj/Adv Near, close, almost, within, a little distant (place or time). 
chågo' January 12, 2009 Adj/Adv Far, afar, distant. 
meggai January 13, 2009 Adj/Adv Many, plenty, lots of, much, full of. 
båhåkke January 14, 2009 Noun Work clothes, worn clothing that may be used for work, non-dressy clothes. 
daña' January 16, 2009 Adj/Adv Combined, joined, be together, united, mingled, mixed, compiled, blended.  
pula' January 17, 2009 Verb (transitive) Untie, unwrap, unfold, unravel, take off (e.g. clothes), translate. 
chatanmak January 19, 2009 Noun Morning--before dawn, morning--before daybreak.  
gada' January 21, 2009 Adj/Adv Young (fruit), immature (mind), not ripe, very young fruit or mind. 
bula January 22, 2009 Adj/Adv Much, plenty, lots of, full. 
tunok January 26, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Get down, let down, descend. 
dulalak January 27, 2009 Verb (transitive) Chase, pursue, catch, put to flight, chase away, oust. 
lao January 28, 2009 Conjuction But, yet. 
faisen February 2, 2009 Verb (transitive) Ask, question, interrogate. 
litråtu February 3, 2009 Noun Picture, camera, to take a picture. 
dåndån February 4, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Play a musical instrument. 
ngai'an February 10, 2009 Pron. When (question word). Usually followed by nai or na. 
magåhet February 9, 2009 Noun True. 
chattao February 5, 2009 Adj/Adv Selfish, greedy, niggardly, avaricious, caring unduly or supremely for oneself. 
påguan February 6, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Scent--give off, odor, aroma, smell. 
bålle February 11, 2009 Verb (transitive) Sweep, rake, brush. 
uhang February 13, 2009 Noun Shrimp. 
boksion February 12, 2009 Adj/Adv Pale, ghastly, wan, deathlike, ashen, pallid. 
båba February 16, 2009 Adj/Adv Bad, spoiled, evil, worthless. 
fihu February 17, 2009 Adj/Adv Often, frequent, often times, many times. 
ugong February 18, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Moan, groan, lament, mourn, utter in lamentation. 
nå'na' February 19, 2009 Adj/Adv Hidden, secreted, concealed, made secret (non-living objects). 
nå'yan February 20, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Serve (food), put or place food on a dish, put or place water/drink in a cup. 
nå'yan February 20, 2009 Noun Dish, plate, cup, eating container. Food or gifts from a party or novena. 
kåhat February 23, 2009 Verb (transitive) Lift, raise up, hoist or raise with a tackle, promote or raise salary, build house. 
isao February 24, 2009 Noun Sin, offense, vice, crime, scandal, violation, guilt, guilty. 
afa'maolek February 25, 2009 Verb (intransitive) To get along well with someone, to be friendly with another, to have reciprocal goodness with others. 
malångu February 26, 2009 Adj/Adv Sick, ill, not well. 
kao February 27, 2009 Marker General question marking word. 
danche March 2, 2009 Verb (transitive) To hit (a target), to guess, to guess correctly, to get it right. 
må'o March 3, 2009 Adj/Adv Thirsty. 
ta'lo March 4, 2009 Adj/Adv Again, repeat, re-. 
okso' March 5, 2009 Noun Hill, heap, mound, a raised bank, knoll, hilly. 
echong March 6, 2009 Adj/Adv Crooked, curved, bent, arched. 
kombida March 9, 2009 Verb (transitive) Invite. 
guåssan March 10, 2009 Verb (transitive) To cut grass, to cut or trim weeds, to weed using a Chamorro hoe (fusiños). 
odda' March 11, 2009 Noun Soil, ground, dirt. 
appleng March 12, 2009 Adj/Adv Sprained, dislocated, twisted muscle or bone. 
dimålas March 13, 2009 Adj/Adv Having misfortune, mischance, adversity, or bad luck. 
talo' March 16, 2009 Noun Center, central point of anything, middle. 
nåya March 19, 2009 Adj/Adv Yet, for a while, for a second, for a minute, for a moment. 
hågon March 20, 2009 Noun Leaf, foliage, frond. 
inaflitu March 23, 2009 Noun Fried food, a dish of anything fried. 
rikohi March 24, 2009 Verb (transitive) Gather, collect, assemble, convene, congregate, bring together. 
långnga' March 25, 2009 Adj/Adv Agape, hold mouth agape. 
ilek March 26, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Say, said, stated. 
palai March 27, 2009 Verb (transitive) To smear, to rub--with grease, ointment, lotion, etc., to grease, to spread--as in butter. 
poddong March 30, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Fall down, drop, collapse, flunk, stumble and fall, cease to be erect, fail in school grades. 
ogga'an March 31, 2009 Noun Morning, dawn. The time between chatanmak and talo'ani. 
nunok April 1, 2009 Verb (transitive) To conceal fruit for ripening, to make ripen. 
unai April 2, 2009 Noun Sand. 
yayas April 3, 2009 Adj/Adv Weary, tired, fatigued, exhausted, worn out, done in, prostrate, haggard, all in. 
utot April 6, 2009 Verb (transitive) Cut, sever, gash, incise, chop, amputate. 
titek April 7, 2009 Verb (transitive) Tear off, rip. 
hånom April 8, 2009 Noun Water, liquid. 
gupu April 9, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Fly, move through the air, travel through the air. 
bo'ok April 10, 2009 Verb (transitive) Uproot, break loose, pull out, tear out. 
gui'eng April 13, 2009 Noun Nose. 
chugo' April 14, 2009 Noun Juice, sap, pus. 
hulu April 15, 2009 Noun Thunder. 
ritira April 16, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Dismiss, return (something), retire, retreat, chase away, withdraw. 
ñangu April 17, 2009 Verb (intransitive) To swim. 
cho'gue April 20, 2009 Verb (transitive) Do, render, perform, work. 
såga April 21, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Stay, stop by, rest, dwell, remain 
såga April 21, 2009 Noun Address, place. 
yamak April 22, 2009 Verb (transitive) To break, to destroy, to impair, to disable. 
engelo' April 23, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Peep at, peek at, as through a crevice or small hole. 
o'o' April 24, 2009 Verb (transitive) To drink--as in soup. 
gago' April 27, 2009 Adj/Adv Lazy, loafer, idler, indolent, slothful, bum. 
fugo' April 28, 2009 Verb (transitive) To wring, to squeeze. 
håsngon April 29, 2009 Verb (intransitive) To do something deliberately, intentionally or purposely, to intend to, to mean to. 
ayao April 30, 2009 Verb (transitive) Borrow, opposite of lend. 
essitan May 1, 2009 Verb (intransitive) To joke, to jest, to have wit. 
ya- May 4, 2009 Verb (transitive) Like, be attracted towards, have a liking for, wish for, enjoy. (Must use with one of the possessive pronouns). 
mampos May 5, 2009 Adj/Adv Very, extreme, exceeding great, greatest, of the highest degree. 
ñateng May 5, 2009 Adj/Adv Slow, not hasty, slow-witted. 
afagao May 7, 2009 Adj/Adv Hoarse, husky voice, harsh voice. 
mayulang November 18, 2008 Adj/Adv Broken, inoperable. 
o'mak May 8, 2009 Verb (intransitive) To take a shower, to bathe. 
ina May 11, 2009 Verb (transitive) Illuminate, spot with light, shine on. 
hå'åni May 12, 2009 Noun Day, daylight, day time. 
kulolo'ña May 13, 2009 Adj/Adv Especially, specially, all the more. 
fotte May 14, 2009 Adj/Adv Lusty, robust, powerful, strong--in taste, with power, lustful, energetic excessive. 
på'go May 15, 2009 Adj/Adv Now, today, at the present time. 
ette May 18, 2009 Verb (transitive) Touch (slightly), perceive by feeling, barely touch. 
båli May 19, 2009 Adj/Adv Worth, value. 
geftao May 20, 2009 Adj/Adv Unselfish, selfless, having no regard for self, generous. 
ñålang May 21, 2009 Adj/Adv Hungry, feeling hunger, marked by lack of food. 
chålan May 22, 2009 Noun Road, highway, street, path. 
måtuhok May 25, 2009 Adj/Adv Sleepy, drowsy, half asleep, falling asleep. 
dulok May 26, 2009 Verb (transitive) Bore, stab, puncture, perforate, penetrate. 
ekungok May 27, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Listen to, harken, give heed, yield to advice. 
pangon May 28, 2009 Verb (transitive) To wake (someone) up, rouse (someone)--from sleep, awaken. 
yanggen May 29, 2009 Adj/Adv If, when (usually used to connect clauses or phrases). 
måsa June 1, 2009 Adj/Adv Ripe, cooked. 
fåtto June 2, 2009 Verb (transitive) To come, to arrive. 
måta June 3, 2009 Noun Eye, eyeball, face. 
åtådok June 4, 2009 Noun Eye, eyeball. 
hun June 5, 2009 Marker Quotative marker. Used to distinguish a reported statement from a statement known to be fact. Usually placed after the predicate to establish the tone of the sentence, but never before the predicate. 
chiku June 8, 2009 Verb (transitive) Kiss, touch or press with lips. 
diahlo June 9, 2009 Adj/Adv No, no thanks, never mind, it's all right, it's ok. 
tånom June 10, 2009 Verb (transitive) To plant--seeds or seedlings. 
ma'aksom June 11, 2009 Adj/Adv Sour, acid, acidulous, tart. 
ga'- June 12, 2009 Marker Animal classifier, pet. 
chatli'e' June 15, 2009 Verb (transitive) Hate, detest, abhor, abominate, loathe. 
dåsai June 16, 2009 Verb (transitive) To give a hair cut, to shear, to cut off (especially hair), to trim. 
hulo' June 17, 2009 Adj/Adv Up, above, on top of. 
kåddo June 18, 2009 Noun Soup, broth. 
atungo' June 19, 2009 Noun Acquaintance, associate, colleague, companion, friend, partner, pal. 
entalo' June 22, 2009 Preposition Between, among, middle. 
dinga' June 23, 2009 Noun Twin, double, fork (of the tree), junction, crossroad. 
påtgon June 24, 2009 Noun Child, infant, kid, baby. 
låhi June 25, 2009 Noun Man, male, boy. 
eppok June 26, 2009 Verb (transitive) Persuade, entice, urge. 
taiguihi June 29, 2009 Adj/Adv That is the way (something is done), that is how, that is why, that is the reason--talking about a third person or persons. 
hånao June 30, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Go, leave, depart. 
tufong July 1, 2009 Verb (transitive) To count. 
yute' July 2, 2009 Verb (transitive) Throw away, dump, drop down, cast away, discard. 
respetayon July 3, 2009 Adj/Adv Respectful, polite, respectable, honorable, attentive, courteous, gentlemanly, mannerly. 
babui July 6, 2009 Noun Pig, swine 
maigo' July 7, 2009 Pseudo-verb Sleep, slumber, hibernate. 
li'e' July 9, 2009 Verb (transitive) See; look; behold; perceive; watch. 
niyok July 10, 2009 Noun Coconut--tree or fruit. 
guålo' July 13, 2009 Noun Farm, cultivate land, till soil, farming, husbandry, gardening, garden, produce crop, cultivation. 
lålåtde July 14, 2009 Noun Scold, chide, reprove, reprimand. 
tågo' July 15, 2009 Verb (transitive) Command, send on errand, be a messenger. 
påyon July 16, 2009 Adj/Adv Accustomed, habitual, usual, customary, used to. 
dekka' July 17, 2009 Verb (transitive) Poke, pick (with pole or stick), nudge, pick at, prod. 
uhu July 20, 2009 Marker Here, take it--expression used to attract (someones) attention when giving something. 
gåsgås July 22, 2009 Adj/Adv Clean, neat, pure, unsoiled, decent, chaste. 
biåhi July 23, 2009 Noun Time, round. 
insigidas July 24, 2009 Adj/Adv Immediately, promptly, at once, hurry up, quick, right away, as soon as possible. 
atof July 27, 2009 Noun Roof.. 
chocho July 28, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Eat, devour, consume. 
gacha' July 29, 2009 Verb (transitive) To step on, to place the sole of the foot on. 
komu July 30, 2009 Conjuction In case, if, such as, as when--usually used to connect phrases or clauses, like, since, provided that. 
maolek July 31, 2009 Adj/Adv Good, fine, well. 
lamo'na August 3, 2009 Adj/Adv Tonight, this evening, this night, after dark to midnight. 
kada August 4, 2009 Adj/Adv Every time, each, each time. 
sage' August 5, 2009 Adj/Adv Painful, pain, affect with pain, burning sensation. 
gå'ga' August 7, 2009 Noun Animal, vermin, insect, beast, bug. 
såtpe August 10, 2009 Verb (transitive) Sprinkle. 
hinanom August 11, 2009 Adj/Adv Watery. 
egga' August 12, 2009 Verb (transitive) Watch, observe (as a spectator). 
bira August 13, 2009 Verb (intransitive) Turn, revolve, rotate, invert, change, direction, divert, turnabout. 
emmok August 14, 2009 Verb (transitive) Avenge, get even. 
åttilong August 17, 2009 Adj/Adv Black. 
fa'tinas August 18, 2009 Verb (transitive) Cook, construct, create, invent, make, form, shape, build, fashion. 
å'påka' August 6, 2009 Adj/Adv White, light-complexted skin. 
chomma' August 19, 2009 Verb (transitive) Forbid, prevent, impede, obstruct. 
toktok August 20, 2009 Verb (transitive) Hug, embrace, hold fast. 
pine'lo August 21, 2009 Noun Presumption, assumption, thought, presuming opinion. 
espiha August 24, 2009 Verb (transitive) Seek, search, look for, locate. 
ipe' August 25, 2009 Verb (transitive) Cut open, split, notch, chip. 
gimen August 26, 2009 Noun Beverage, drink. 
råtu August 27, 2009 Noun Short time, little while. 
o'son August 28, 2009 Adj/Adv Bored, tired, exhaust ones patience. 
ågang August 31, 2009 Verb (transitive) Call (someone), beckon, summon. 
sångan September 1, 2009 Verb (transitive) Say, tell (something), speak, utter. 
respeta September 2, 2009 Verb (transitive) Respect, honor, esteem, admire. 
upos September 3, 2009 Verb (transitive) Overtake--as in a race, pass by. 
chåda' September 4, 2009 Noun Egg, ovum. 
maila' September 7, 2009 Verb (transitive) Come, hand over. 
pat September 8, 2009 Conjuction Or--a co-ordinating particle that marks an alternative. 
lachaddek September 9, 2009 Verb (transitive) Hurry up, hasten. 
li'e'on September 11, 2009 Adj/Adv Visible, can be seen. 
cho'cho' September 14, 2009 Noun Work, job, employment, task, position. 
fotgon September 15, 2009 Adj/Adv Wet, watery, not dry, soaked, drenched. 
hågu September 16, 2009 Pron. You (emphatic singular). 
hokkok September 17, 2009 Adj/Adv No more, none, all gone, nothing, not one, not any, nothing at all, none at all. 
bråbu September 18, 2009 Adj/Adv Healthy, industrious, hard working person, active. 
gacha' September 21, 2009 Verb (transitive) Catch up with, detect. 
låña September 22, 2009 Noun Oil (generic term). 
laknos September 23, 2009 Verb (transitive) Take out. 
håle' September 25, 2009 Noun Root, source, origin. 
tåftåf September 28, 2009 Adj/Adv Early. 
atalaki October 1, 2009 Verb (transitive) Scowl, look at menacingly, to give a dirty look. 
inetnon October 2, 2009 Noun Assembly, association, club, group, league, corporation, crowd, gathering. 
lamas October 5, 2009 Adj/Adv Rotten, decayed, decomposed, putrefied. 
danges February 9, 2010 Noun Candle, wax, gum. 
foggon February 25, 2010 Noun Stove, barbecue pit. 
po'lo March 8, 2010 Verb (transitive) Place, set, arrange, establish, put, invest. 
nå'yåni March 10, 2010 Verb (transitive) Serve food (to someone), prepare a plate (for someone), give food or drink (to someone). 
atanon March 24, 2010 Adj/Adv Handsome, good looking, pretty, appearance, decent looking. 
appleng April 2, 2010 Adj/Adv Slang, markedly colloquial language, nonsense, incoherent speech. 
ekulo' April 8, 2010 Verb (intransitive) Climb up, get on top of. 
mångge April 23, 2010 Pron. Where (question), where is it. 
nihi May 9, 2010 Verb (transitive) Let's (do something)--used with future verb and 1st person plural pronouns. 
atan May 20, 2010 Verb (transitive) Look at, glance, perceive. 
taiguenao July 12, 2010 Adj/Adv That is the way (something is done); that is how; that is why; that is the reason--talking to and about addressee. 
måmåhlao August 23, 2010 Adj/Adv Ashamed; be ashamed; shamefaced; bashful; shy; emarrassed. 
go'te October 29, 2010 Verb (transitive) Hold, support, retain by force, grasp. 
ulu January 15, 2011 Noun Head. 
lekngai February 9, 2011 Adj/Adv Stiff-necked, cricked neck. 
pålapåla March 15, 2011 Noun Shack, hut, shanty, roof extending from house to provide shelter from sun and rain, pavillion. 
taitai March 21, 2011 Verb (transitive) Read. 
likkidu April 25, 2011 Noun Likkidu (LICK-key-dew): Only, one and only, unique. 
fa'na'an April 29, 2011 Adj/Adv Maybe, perhaps 
låkse May 9, 2011 Verb (transitive) Sew, stitch. 
åpmam May 12, 2011 Adj/Adv Ago, past, gone, awhile, for sometime, since olden times.  
luhan June 4, 2011 Adj/Adv Frightened, scared, terrified, horrified, fear. 
måloffan July 2, 2011 Adj/Adv Transported, toted, hauled, transferred, carried from one place to another. 
måloffan July 2, 2011 Adj/Adv Past time, recently, previous, some time ago, previously. 
måloffan July 2, 2011 Adj/Adv Exceedingly, surpassingly, superlatively, notably, excessively, extremely, amazingly, preeminently, immeasurably. 
måloffan July 2, 2011 Adj/Adv Passed by, crossed by, gone/went by. 
bisita August 11, 2011 Verb (transitive) Visit. 
bisita August 11, 2011 Noun VIsitor 
chule' October 23, 2008 Verb (transitive) To take (inanimate oblects) 
hongga August 22, 2011 Adj/Adv Audible, able to be heard. 
kilili September 27, 2011 Verb (transitive) To hand-carry, drift away--by current, carry along. 
barånka October 24, 2011 Adj/Adv Rocky, rough road, bumpy. 
eståba November 7, 2011 Pseudo-verb Was, used to be, there was or were. 
lasgue November 22, 2011 Verb (transitive) Whittle, sharpen, make pointed, cut into pieces or slices, shape by cutting--as sharpening a pencil. 
teneki November 28, 2011 Adj/Adv Surely, certainly, definitely, must. 
åmte December 17, 2011 Verb (transitive) Apply first aid, treat wound, cure sickness. 
åñu December 31, 2011 Noun Year. 
tungo' January 14, 2012 Verb (transitive) Know, be acquainted with, have knowledge of, recognize, distinguish, have knowledge. 
gaige January 18, 2012 Pseudo-verb Be present, stative verb, opposite of absent. 
påpa' February 23, 2012 Preposition Down, below, bottom, downward, beneath. 
ba'an March 9, 2012 Adj/Adv Wake up (late)--esp. in the morning, oversleep. 
håfa March 26, 2012 Pron. What, question word. 
chunge' April 2, 2012 Adj/Adv Gray hair, grizzled, white hair. 
Håyi April 9, 2012 Pron. Who (question word). 
tife' April 16, 2012 Verb (transitive) Pick, break off--especially the fruit from a tree, vine, etc. 
fa'maolek April 23, 2012 Verb (transitive) Fix, repair, make good. 
kalåktos July 23, 2012 Adj/Adv Sharp, keen, acute. 
nuebu January 24, 2013 Adj/Adv New, modern, strange, unfamiliar, fresh. 
oggan July 14, 2013 Adj/Adv Stuck on, run aground, stranded, to land on accidentally. 
gosa July 19, 2013 Verb (transitive) Enjoy; have satisfaction from; take pleasure in. 
kabåles July 23, 2013 Adj/Adv Complete; brought to completion or perfection; finish; fully realized; intact. 
malångu August 1, 2013 Adj/Adv Sick; ill; not well. 
adahi August 7, 2013 Verb (transitive) Careful; watch out; look out; beware. 
to'a August 19, 2013 Adj/Adv Mature (fruit); ripe; fruit--ready for picking; mature mind. 
såkkan January 25, 2014 Noun Year; season--for planting or harvesting. 
gånna May 3, 2015 Verb (transitive) Win--something as in a raffle; defeat; overpower--someone; beat--an opponent; outmaneuver; earn. 
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