[Intro] Welcome Back!!!

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Who is Aaron P. Samuel?

    I am at heart a Unix/Linux Engineer, however my career has lead me to branch out to various other sections of IT. Sections such as (but not limited to): 

  • Applications Management - (Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, B2B)
  • Database Management - (Data Warehousing, Online Transaction Processing, Partitioning/Sharding, Performance Tuning, Query Optimization)
  • Network/Security Management - (Redundant Topology, Segmentation, Perimeter Security, Egress/Ingress Filtering, Proxy and Load Balancing, SSL Offloading, Intrusion Protection/Detection Systems)
  • Storage Management - (Storage provisioning, Host level multi- path, Fabric switching/routing, RAID, LUN Masking, Zoning, Replication). 

    In my spare time, I love to play video games. I own a Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft XBOX 360 (which is presently in a non working state, but fixable). A lot of people seem to think Video Games are for children. This would be a retarded statement if one ever did exist. 

Some of my ALL time favorite titles include: 

    I can actually go on and on and on with this game listing... endlessly. So lets stop. 

    I also watch a lion's share of horror flicks, actually I am addicted, I think I have already seen every American Horror film from 1982 - the present. (Something I am proud of). Lately I have developed the habit of watching Foreign Horror films, those such as: 

    I must say you are missing out on Good Horror films if your not checking these over seas films. They are actually awesome, especially in this day and age of America which is Horror deprived. The whole and complete of America is watching Reality TV (yuck). 

    When I was younger I would always sketch things and draw, and I would love to take sketches and fill them with unique coloring. Nowadays I enjoy Photography, Web Design, and Graphic Design. I use open source applications such as: 

    Using a few sick filters in the GIMP against a picture of the wonderful Mathangi Arulpragasam, better known as M.I.A. 

    The web design thing is a work in progress, as you may see from some of my obvious design flaws here on Google =). However I am learning, I work with dynamic languages such as JavaScript and Ruby, also brushing up on my HTML(5), CSS, and etc. 

    I'll add some links once I sort my hosting out. For now you can take a look at the below site which is for a small company I am partial owner of, my partners and I created this site. It is based off of a simple custom content management system which allows easy development of site sections.

That is all for now.