super commuter

This will be the bike I begin riding as soon as my hip is mended due to its relaxed riding position. 

This is actually the first frame and fork I made as I got back into frame building but it went so well I immediately went on to the cyclocross bike I've been racing this season.













I hand built these wheels to help combat the harsh winter conditions we see here in Minnesota.
















These hubs contain everything a commuter will need to get across the city at any time of the day.








These handle bars were choosen for their narrow width and high sweep for multiple hand positions and easy navigation through tight spaces.  The handle bar bag is something I've never had before and it seemed like a good way to get the cargo off of me and onto the bike.











Just after brazing...

With wheels and handle bar...


 Internally geared 8 speed rear hub with roller brake, Dymo generator 6 bolt disc front hub.


Soma sparrow handlebar, with gear controller and Soma handle bar bag.