What I've been up to while I'm down

I've got 8 weeks to kill.  See my projects  in the left column.

I've been making jewelry using some of the skills I recently learned in casting class was taking in October.  Click link below to see them.



I started a little web album of some photos that have been taken since I've been at home plus the bike I had just finished before the accident.  Check out the pictures by clicking the link here then click the photo to enter the gallery link 


 I also have some bicycle projects I will be finishing up as soon as I gain a little more mobility and can make it to the garage. Pictures here. super commuter  I will also start building my first carbon fiber frame. Pictures here carbon fiber road bike


With the additional free time I also plan on learning how to lay up carbon fiber so I will be able to construct my own custom carbon frames in the future.

For those of you who may or may not know, I had a little bicycle accident on Saturday October 20th which ended up sending me to the hospital and then immediately into surgery.  When I fell off my bike I ended up breaking the femoral ball completely off of my right femur.  During surgery a team of hip replacement specialists reattached my bones using what looked like a 5/16” x 3” lag bolt, four # 10 wood screws, and a 8” titanium plate which left a 9” incision ( shown here ), and major bruising to my hip.  My hospital stay was painful and lasted until Wednesday afternoon (although I have little recollection of Sunday or Monday). 


Since I have been home I have gained a little bit of mobility using a walker but still spend 98% of my day sitting in one of the two arm chairs in our house.


Krystyna has been great though all of this, rearranging her busy schedule to be home as much as possible.  I have her running around constantly getting this or getting that, plus she is doing many other things to keep me as comfortable as possible. 


I will be unable apply weight to my right leg for 8 weeks (two down and 6 to go) and also unable to drive, walk, ride my bike, you know… the essentials.  Although the doctor did promise me I would be able to start pedaling on the trainer in early December.


I want to thank all of you who have called, stopped by, left phone messages, etc. 


Please drop me a line or stop by as cabin fever will be setting in shortly.


Still sitting in the same chair,