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Modular Storage Furniture

modular storage furniture
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modular storage furniture - Foremost 340001
Foremost 340001 Modular 5-in-1 Shelf Cube Storage System, White
Foremost 340001 Modular 5-in-1 Shelf Cube Storage System, White
This modular PVC laminate veneer white five in one modular storage cube system includes 15-inch open cube, 15-inch two-drawer cube, 15-inch door cube, 15-inch shelf cube and 30-inch divided cube. Perfect solution to organize your home office or any other room in your house. Overall size: open cube 15-inch W x 15-inch D x 15-inch H, two-drawer cube 15-inch W x 15-inch D x 15-inch H, door cube 15-inch W x 15-inch D x 15-inch H, shelf cube 15-inch W x 15-inch D x 15-inch H, divided cube 30-inch W x 15-inch D x 15-inch H. Frame is made out of solid wood, each panel finished with PVC laminate. Sturdy and stackable for maximum durability. Holds up to 200 pounds per assembled unit. Hollow-core construction makes the cube weigh 50% less then traditional particle board. Packed pre-finished, easy assembly and installation. Unlimited combination options so you can create exactly the system you need.

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The PROFESSIONAL SERIES® cabinets by VAULT® is our ultra-premium modular storage system representing the finest in professional-quality storage. Striking, yet timeless with their simple, unadorned, graceful lines, product reviewers have called the PROFESSIONAL SERIES® the “finest metal cabinet in the world” and the “most beautiful tool chest ever designed”. Constructed from the finest quality components and materials, these cabinets achieve a level of quality, durability and serviceability to offer a lifetime of service and use. Featuring ultra-premium options, such as stainless steel interiors, solid metal handles, 200lb capacity ball-bearing drawer slides and European hinges, each PROFESSIONAL SERIES® cabinet is handcrafted built-to-order to our client’s exact specifications. These particular cabinets were photographed at the assembly plant for VAULT® in Indianapolis, Indiana in this striking blue powder coating color, called ‘Azur Blue’, one of six standard eye-catching colors. Or, choose a custom color that appeals to you. PREMIUM FEATURES About the ultra-premium features on this cabinet you will come to appreciate, includes: A. SRONGEST FRAME OF ANY CABINET The frame is the backbone of a cabinet. The PROFESSIONAL SERIES® uses more high-strength steel to make it stronger and stiffer than any other storage cabinet ever built. The fully-boxed, high-strength-steel frame features through-welded cross-members was designed to support just about anything you can physically fit on the worktop and at the same time support fully-loaded drawers: thick 11-gauge stainless steel provides exceptional structural support in the vertical frame members, complemented by 16-gauge vertical framing. No other cabinet can match their unprecedented stiffness and frame deflection. B. STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION Storage cabinets require a higher level of construction quality from kitchen or closet cabinets. They are located in harsher environments, store much heavier weights and take a great deal of abuse. VAULT® is the only cabinetmaker to offer stainless steel construction. C, INFINITELY SERVICEABLE The PROFESSIONAL SERIES® storage system was designed to be indefinitely serviceable. In the unlikely event you damage a cabinet part, we have taken this into account into the design of your cabinetry so that a new part can be easily replaced without having to dispose of the entire cabinet or live with a damaged or unsightly one. All drawers, shelves, doors, handles and drawer faces can be easily replaced with new parts, meaning that there is no reason why your VAULT® cabinets shouldn’t last several lifetimes of use. D. HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION THROUGHOUT Many companies skimp in the places customers don’t see, but PROFESSIONAL SERIES® cabinets are a marvel in their heavy-duty construction. Double-wall construction protects against dents from showing up on the opposing side. Interior walls are constructed from 14-guage metal that is reinforced with stiffening flanges and welded reinforcing plates make sure all panels and doors are rigid. E. BALL-BEARING DRAWER SLIDES Suspended by heavy-duty ball bearing drawer slides, fully loaded drawers open with ease. Rated at 200lbs, these glides ensure smooth and quiet operation over a lifetime of heavy usage, and will support more weight than you could possibly load into a drawer Accessing tools is never stressful. Full-extension hardware allows easy access to the furthest reaches of the drawer, providing easy accessibility to all contents. F. FURNITURE-GRADE POWDER COATING Furniture-grade powder coating provides a durable and easy-to-clean exterior finish. Available standard in six eye-catching colors OR the custom color of your choice. ‘All’ stainless steel construction for clean room and hospital environments is available as an option. Only VAULT® lets you customize your metal cabinets exactly as you dream them. G. CONCEALED HINGES All VAULT® cabinet doors feature fully adjustable, European-style door hinges by BLUM®. Nickel-plated for long life and durability, the self-closing mechanism closes doors with a subtle push without the need for catches or cheap magnets that can break or fall off. BLUM’s® easy-to-use depth adjustment makes sure that your cabinet doors stay perfectly aligned forever. H. HEAVY-DUTY DRAWERS Our drawers are manufactured to take a lot of abuse. Manufactured from furniture-grade (304-grade) 18-gauge stainless steel, we weld corners and hem edges to add strength and safety. Additional flanges are selectively located to provide maximum rigidity of the drawer body. Drawer fronts are constructed from double-wall 20-gauge metals. In addition to being stoutly built, they are stunning in their appearance. I. FULL-LENGTH METAL HANDLES Often copied in their design, our signature handles are machined from solid metal, not cheap extruded aluminum or plastic common on many other cabinets and tool chests. These handles have a strength and integrit
modular storage
modular storage
International Fashion Ltd. - fashion manufacturer head office - office renovation project - 35 employees / design department - meeting rooms / presentation rooms Collaboration in design with the following: - sliding glass partitions by Raumplus North America - lighting by Systemalux - custom modular furniture & fixtures by AVIDWORX Finishes: - polished concrete floors - zebrano laminate by Formica - brushed aluminum hardware - off white walls

modular storage furniture
modular storage furniture
Literature Organizer Modular Storage Cabinet - Black
Literature Organizer - Black Custom build an office storage, literature or document center that's built to last for years of reliable service. This heavy gauge all welded office furniture provides open, at-a-glance storage so you can custom build the office storage system you need. This Literature Organizer has 21 compartments that adjust at 1-1/2" increments to accommodate paper forms, catalogs, parts and supplies. Can be stacked vertically or ganged side-by-side in combinations with our 30 Drawer Cabinet. Shipped assembled.