Fine Furniture Manufacturer

fine furniture manufacturer
    furniture manufacturer
  • Indonesia furniture manufacturing modern and antique reproduction sofas, chairs, desks for wholesaler and furnishing projects,
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fine furniture manufacturer - Photo Reprint
Photo Reprint S.D. Sollers and Co. manufacturers of children's fine shoes, Philadelphia 1874
Photo Reprint S.D. Sollers and Co. manufacturers of children's fine shoes, Philadelphia 1874
The Popular Graphic Arts Collection is a large collection of historical prints (ca. 1700-1900) created to document geographic locations or popular subjects and sometimes used for advertising and educational purposes. Most are by American printmakers (e.g., Baillie, Currier & Ives, Sachse & Co.), but publishers in many other countries are also represented (e.g., Antonio Vanegas Arroyo). Subjects vary widely, from city and harbor views, street scenes, and manufacturing plants to genre scenes, historical events, religious iconography and portraits. This collection includes some images that reflect popular racism and stereotypes of their era. Photo Reprint S.D. Sollers and Co. manufacturers of children's fine shoes, Philadelphia 1874. Reprint is 18 in. x 15 in. on archival quality photo paper.

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Early Modular Furniture with Bedbolts
Early Modular Furniture with Bedbolts
In the late 19th century as the trend toward mass production increased, it was easier and more common for middle-class households to purchase extremely large case furniture. It followed that the manufacturers during the Eastlake period began to make that furniture easy to assemble in parts, modular style, and the armoirs of this period are often secured at the base and at the top with the same steel bolts that are typically found on 19th-century beds, holding the siderails on, and even sometimes the head and footboards. Here you see original bedbolts being used to secure the side walls of an 8-foot eastlake vanity to it's plinth base for stability.
Mohawk Penthouse Furniture Polish
Mohawk Penthouse Furniture Polish
This is Mohawk Penthouse Furniture Polish. It protects and preserves the natural beauty of all fine furniture. It is excellent for use on all types of finishes on furniture, cabinets, doors, woodwork and paneling. Also may be used on appliances,counter tops and stainless steel surfaces. Now only available in a 14 oz. aerosol can.

fine furniture manufacturer
fine furniture manufacturer
Set of Two Perfume Bottles set with Swarovski Crystals, Flowered, Hand Enameled, Pewter, Limited Edition, Glass Bottle, Manufacturer's Certificate of Authenticity, Purple, Pink, Brown, Gold, Blue, Yellow, Green, Amber
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. The vintage design, coupled with sparkling Swarovski Crystals makes this set a true collector's item.
Multi-colored crystals dazzle in the the rich, hand enameled hues of Indigo Blue, Amber Yellow, and Deep Orange and Pale Pink.
Opens by unscrewing the large ball on top of the bottle. This will allow use of the perfume applicator wand inside. We've even included a funnel so you can easily pour your perfume into this work of art.
These treasures hasvebeen meticulously hand enameled by our skilled artisans and hand set with Swarovski Crystals, paying much attention to detail.
Dimensions of larger bottle: 4 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide
Dimensions of the smaller bottle: 3.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide
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Each piece arrives in its own, elegant, padded, satin lined, Presentation Box, with a Certificate of Authenticity from the manufacturer.
Our Collection adds the definitive touch to any gift-giving occasion. Also, these items have been issued in limited editions, so each piece will become a valuable keepsake to its owner, for years to come.
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