Personal Reading Project

also known as i really should read more 

In a chance in get me to expand my mind more i am going to set up a personal reading project for myself. 

For now the rules are simple but they will get harder and there will be harsh consequences if i do not complete my task

  • i will finish one book of my choosing before the start of the new semester 
  • the book
    •  it will not contain more then 5% pictures
    • it will not contain more then 5% code
    • it will be made comepletely out of paper
    • it will be over 100 pages 
  • the consiquenses
    • if i have not picked a book in a reasonable amount of time (date to be announced) a pre picked book of consequence will be choosen by someone else, most likely my girlfriend
      • books of consequence choices include
        • dune
        • chronicles of narnia
        • harry potter
        •  any if you have any other suggestions feel free to email me you should already know what it is
    • if i do not complete the task
      • a punishment of large proportions will be imposed on me for the remainder of the quarter until i do complete the task, which will probably be chosen also by my girlfriend
        • punishment may include
          • taking away video game
          • taking away television
          • taking away food i like to eat
            • chipotle cannot be taken away under an circumstances

 i know this is childish but i refuse to let my mind go to waste.

if i feel inclined to i will write my thoughts and feelings about what i am reading and my progress down

I want to make my first book be about computers. just so i can test the waters of this whole reading thing.  suggestions for books made thus far are:
  • BOHF

any other suggestions or questions about any part of the reading program. please feel free to email me