I'm working with my supervisor Neil Hurley on a scalable community finding algorithm which we are calling MOSES. Source code, including binaries, is available at downloads in a file called moses-2011-01-26.tgz.

Please contact us with any feedback or further queries.

Neil's webpage: Neil Hurley

MOSES v2010-03-15

This software is made available under the Apache License version 2.0.
The software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. If you use this software in your research, we encourage you to cite the associated paper:
- Aaron McDaid, Neil Hurley. Detecting highly overlapping communities with Model-based Overlapping Seed Expansion. ASONAM 2010. An extended transcript is under consideration with SNAM as of December 2010.

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title = "Detecting highly overlapping communities with Model-based Overlapping Seed Expansion",
note = "Overlapping, scalable, community finding algorithm",
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This research was supported by
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Grant No. 08/SRC/I1407 - Clique Research Cluster