Aaron Malver Studio

Music Lessons for Children, Adolescents, and Adults
Piano · Trumpet · Music Appreciation · Music Theory
Beginning · Intermediate · Early Advanced

The piano can take you anywhere from "Happy Birthday" to Burt Bacharach, Count Basie to Beethoven, Beatles to Led Zepplin, Bob Marley to Bob Dylan. As your fingers learn to croon, rock, dance, joke, wax poetic, and groove, you'll develop skill, expressiveness and knowledge in lessons structured and paced according to your interests, experience, and unique qualities as a student.
From your first honk to your subtlest expression, I offer thirty years of experience as a student, performer, recording artist, and teacher. Whether your tastes run to popular, classical, jazz, world music, or all of the above, you can learn music you enjoy while mastering instrumental and musicianship skills from the beginning on up.
Music Theory
Budding musicians and enthusiasts alike can learn to hear and understand music’s fundamental elements, including melody, harmony, rhythm, and form. On its own, or as a valuable supplement to music appreciation or instrumental lessons, music theory builds our understanding of how music is put together and delivers its particular effect.
Guided practice
For students taking regular lessons at the studio, these sessions are for you to practice with experienced guidance. For inexperienced practicers, anyone who needs an extra push, difficult musical passages, help working through a new technique, or more intense preparation toward a goal, these flexibly scheduled, reduced cost sessions are a bridge between lessons.
Duet/ensemble lessons
Both piano and trumpet have rich and varied collections of music, for duet, trio, and beyond. You and your partner(s)-in-music, whether beginners or more experienced, can explore them here at a lower per-person cost than individual lessons. Piano four hands; two pianos eight hands; piano and trumpet(s); trumpet duos, trios, or quartets—the studio welcomes you. Want to arrange music for your particular group? I can help with that, too.

Please create your duo/group before beginning lessons. Each member will need at least an elementary knowledge of music-reading.
I just want to play this one song
For anyone who's got one song you love and wish you could play, this is for you. Even if you've never played before, we can go note by note until you've got it, or we can find ways to simplify a complex piece. If you are more experienced, I can serve as a coach while you work your way through.
I defy categorization
Eclectic or esoteric interests? Short attention span? Told you had no talent? Decided on your own you had no talent? Bring it.
Music Appreciation
Develop musical insight and understanding according to your particular interests. These lessons can be a young child’s introduction to music, an adolescent's search for the coolest songs, or education for adults who do not play an instrument. Whether we sing and clap hands, explore the intersection of music and hobbies like sports or video games, or study music history and culture, these lessons add depth and breadth to your musical engagement.
Targeted Skills Development
Short-term, focused series designed to introduce or develop specific musical skills or knowledge. Beginning/Intermediate level areas include music notation/reading, sight singing/solfege, rhythm training, and improvisation. More advanced students may be interested in transposition, score reading, and music history or analysis relating to a particular piece, time, or composer. These lessons are available on their own or in supplement to current studies.