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Below are answers to some of the questions most commonly asked
during initial meetings with new students or their parents.
Where do lessons occur? Do you travel to students' homes?
Lessons are taught at my home in Wallingford and in Issaquah at Hammond Ashley Violins, near Gilman Village. Please contact me if you have physical needs, such as difficulty with stairs, that may require accommodation.
How often are lessons?
Weekly lessons are the typical starting point.
Do you hold student recitals?
A variety of performance opportunities can be made available to interested students, but recitals are neither a routine nor mandatory aspect of my practice.
At what age should a child start lessons?
Any child can begin the process of exploring music. Please inquire if you are interested in lessons for your child but are uncertain if it is an appropriate time to begin.

What style of music do you teach?

The basics of musicianship can be learned through any music engaging to the student. My own background is sufficiently varied (see below) that I can guide beginning and intermediate level students according to their musical interests.
What method do you use?
In broad terms, I approach the learning of music from three directions: improvising, playing by ear, and reading. The balance of these, and the manner in which they are incorporated, is determined dynamically with each student according to that student's interests, needs, and experience.
What is your background and experience?
I hold a BA in music, with piano emphasis, from the University of Washington. I also studied classical piano and jazz trumpet at the Oberlin Conservatory. The Aaron Malver Studio opened in 2004.
My earliest piano experiences were at age two with my father, commencing formal study at five. Trumpet lessons started at age ten. Substantial student and professional experience as a pianist, trumpeter, singer, and actor all play roles in my teaching.
Past experience as a tutor/teacher includes work with students on piano, trumpet, mathematics, writing, and Hebrew. This includes work with special needs students. As a trumpet player, I have performed and recorded music in a wide variety of genres and styles. I sang for five years with The Esoterics, during that time also singing with The Seattle Choral Company, The Washingtonians, and the Blue Street Voices. Favorite theaterical roles include Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors and Ken in Elaine May's Hotline. In addition, I am the assistant editor of Perspectives of New Music, the leading academic journal of contemporary music theory.
My first degree, from Oberlin College, was a BA in mathematics with a computer science minor. After graduating, I took a job in Seattle with Microsoft, where I worked for several years before deciding to turn professionally to music.
What instruments are available to your students?
Seattle studio
1942 Baldwin Model L (grand, 6' 3", rebuilt by Ed McMorrow 2008)
1997 Yamaha upright
Yamaha PSR-500 (electronic)