Customer Service Channels for an E-commerce Site by Aaron Lal

Availing channels where customers can interact with the business is part of what Aaron Lal does. As an e-commerce manager, he says the tough part is determining which service channel is the best for the customers and how will you interact with them when you get there. Finding the proper tools will give you high standards that will make customers love and respect what you do. There is a temptation for you to adapt to every channel that exists in the market today and use them for your business. However, you want what fits your audience.

One of these ways includes emailing, which a manager will find easier to handle than live support. Here, you can determine the response hours unlike in live chats which requires you to be present all the time. Some of the tools you can use to email include Zendesk support, Gmail, xSellco, Gorgias, Help Scout among others. Emailing is good when you are dealing with individual customers, and you must have their contacts to do so. When a customer asks a question, you give them individual answers. It is a good way but not effective if you plan to inform the entire public about your business. Consequently, Aaron Lal suggests that the better way is to go public with social media.

Social media support allows you to reach anyone that is interested in your product. There you can get feedback and provide public responses. When you interact with one customer, you can show the rest with a similar problem what the solution is. Anyone who scrolls over the conversation will see it. There are tools like Buffer Reply, Hootsuite, Sprout, Facebook messenger among others for this purpose. You can also decide to go with communication channels like live chat, telephone support, write content among others.