Math 45 - Differential Equations

Course Information

  • Date I took this class:   Fall 2007
  • Teacher:                       K. Zhou
  • Teacher's site:              None listed
  • Grade earned:              A
  • Book used:                  A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications, 8th Edition, By Dennis G. Zill.

Information About Teacher

Professor Zhou is, overall, a very good teacher. 
Zhou has a vary clear and efficient teaching style. Zhou makes DE easy to understand by using clear examples which are easy to follow. 
Zhou assigns homework and collects it regularly.
Zhou's exams follow both the homework and his notes. His exams are fairly difficult but are usually no harder than the homework (no trick questions).
Although the DE book is required, it is not used in class, Zhou simply assigns homework from it.

Solutions and In Class Handouts

The following are handouts given in class

  • Laplacian and Inverse Laplacian Formula Page

Pi Day

Pi day occurs on March 14st (Einstein's Birthday) at one fifty-nine pm i.e. 3-14 1:59; In honor of 3.14159

Useful Handouts

Adobe Acrobat icon Continuity - Notes on the continuity of all algebraic and some transcendental functions on their domain 
Adobe Acrobat icon Graphing - The general method for graphing all algebraic and transcendental functions