ENGR 112 - Mechanics of Materials

Course Information

  • Date I took this class:   Spring 2008
  • Teacher:                       Francois Moy
  • Teacher's site:              None Listed
  • Grade earned:              A
  • Book used:                  Mechanics of Materials, by James M. Gere, $48.18 (BigWords.com)

Information About Teacher

Professor Moy is, overall, a very good teacher. 
Moy is pretty funny and enjoys making the class laugh (although sometimes his humor is a bit "off-color"). 
Moy is a practical teacher. He teaches the course using simple principals and strategies which are easy to memorize and apply in the real world. 
Moy assigns, but does not collect, homework. All those who do the homework usually pass with A's. 
Moy's exams are taken (almost directly) from the home work. His exams are also very similar to his notes (see Downloads section below).
The Mechanics of Materials book is required and is used often in class. However, Moy does not care whether you use the old or new edition.


Adobe Acrobat icon Syllabus - The class syllabus

The following are notes to be used in class

  • Adobe Acrobat icon All of the notes - Sets 1, 2, and 3 (PDF format)
  • Notes broken up into sets of three
    • Adobe Acrobat icon Set 1 - Shear and bending moments, bending stresses, and shear stresses
    • Adobe Acrobat icon Set 2 - Shear stresses, Torque, and plane stresses
    • Adobe Acrobat icon Set 3 - Plane stresses, bean deflection, and columns
  • Adobe Acrobat icon Additional Notes - Moment of Inertia; given out on 12-Feb-08 (PDF format)
  • Adobe Acrobat icon Additional Notes - EIT information; given out on 28-Feb-08 (PDF format)
  • Adobe Acrobat icon Additional Notes - Indeterminate Cases; given out on Oct-11 (PDF format)

The following are the problems and solutions taken from the Mechanics of Materials text (all in PDF format).