Welcome to my home page.  Here you will find my CV, Teaching Philosophy, Qualitative and Quantitative Reviews of my Teaching, information on my use of technology in the classroom, and miscellaneous information that may be on interest to those of you who would be viewing this page.

I am  a 4th year Ph. D candidate in the College of Communications at Penn State University.  I am currently working on my dissertation, which will examine CNBC and the role the network plays in the reification and dissemination of the ideology of financialization.   My plan is to have to dissertation completed and in hand no later than March 2013.

Other than my dissertation topics, I am interested in the political economy of communication, the role of new media and technological change in shaping culture, the interaction of sports and political and cultural phenomena, and the future of news.  

Outside of university life, I play basketball, volleyball, and soccer as much as possible.  I am an avid reader of news, keep up with domestic and international politics as best I can, enjoy reading fantasy novels on those rare occasions that time allows, and firmly believe that playing video games keeps both the mind, and the reflexes, sharp.