Hello, my name is Aaron Henderson. I live on a small farm near Independence, Oregon on the banks of the Willamette River. I have been married for seven years to my wife Samantha, who is also a teacher, and have two young children who are just entering the school system in preschool and Kindergarten. I am the oldest in my family and am the first to go to college. I started my college education at Chemeketa Community College in 1997 where I completed an Associates Degree and continued on at Western Oregon University where I graduated in December 2004 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education with a focus on middle school mathematics. Upon completion of this portfolio I will receive a Masters of Science degree in Information Technology in Education from Western Oregon University.

After earning my bachelors degree I was a substitute teacher for the Willamette Education Service District in Western Oregon. During that time I was able to teach at a number of schools in different districts around the area. The time I spent being a substitute teacher was invaluable because it allowed me to see different teaching strategies used by the teachers I was working for and the different atmospheres and daily operations at the schools I was working at. After a year and a half I was offered a job teaching seventh and eighth grade students in Sheridan, Oregon. Coincidentally this was the same school district I attended and graduated from while growing up. I am currently still employed in Sheridan and am now teaching seventh and eighth grade math.


Thank you for viewing my portfolio and please contact me with any questions or comments through my contact page in this portfolio.