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This page is for Jeff's prewriting assingment 

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Here is the text I have from my prose style prewriting:


 "Dasein" Being-in-the-world

"Meaning Inheres in the world as we find it" Dourish p108

"absorbed coping"

Noema & noesis


Ready-to-hand, Present-to-hand



Three common elements:

Embodiment is central

Focus on practice

Embodied practical action is the source of meaning



Concrete Phenomena:

Raising or "designing"  Ezra & Micah



The meaning of  our family life is found in this world, and for me the real meaning of my life comes from living with my family.

Many times I default to absorbed coping in my parenting, simply reacting to sometimes difficult situations without a plan in place, simply replicating what I have already done or seen.

Sometimes being a parent is ready-to-hand


In a stray moment Micah manages to turn his head to looks up at me and smiles, I automatically smile back and there is a shared expereince that can be unforgetable.

Middle of the night feedings with Micah after about a month or so, Ijust get up warm up a bottle and feed it to him, I don't even fully wake up most of the time.  He just eats, quiets down, change him and then feed him a little bit more and it's off to sleepy land again for both of ut.



Sometimes being a parent is present-to-hand


Ezra takes my glass of water, picks it up and before I can possibly stop him pours it out all over the floor, my first impulse is to smack the child, but my anger then becomes present to hand and I realize that hitting a 2 y/o that has very little communication skills will only serve to placate my anger (and maybe not even that).

We have a bedtime routine with both our boys, most of the time it runs rather smoothly, and they go down without too much of a fuss,  doing it has become, well routine, and ready at hand, but we do experience breakdown, like we end up staying out to late someplace, or Ezra's pacifier, a vital part of the ritual (unfortuantely) is no where to be found.  By the time we do find it, the routine is broken and it is hard to quiet everyone down (including myself who is very agitated).


A focus on practice:
Parenting is practice, we are constantly shown how we are failing or at least could use improvement.  Kids are very innocent and honest in their approach when they are young, and so we often have things pointed out to us that we can do better.



How is embodiment central to "desingning" children.

??? Not sure yet--maybe see dasein


Noema & noesis

We can never truly know the inside of another's heart or mind, but through out shared experiences we can get a better idea of who they are and our intersubjectivity.



Families are in the world, are a basic biological fact, we came from our parents.  Our being is in families whether we like it or not.



We cannot directly affect the core of who our children are, that is noema, but we can see the lifeworlds they occupy by seeing the horizons that that we have and we share.  While we may not have direct access, we do still have some access.  Our horizons often become theres, so by designing ourselves (which we CAN know to a much larger extent) then we can help them as well.