Sample Characters


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 For the first run of Worlds at War the players will create a troupe of characters and their ship. This page explains a sample set of characters and ship created just the way a player would need do it. If you ware using Worlds at War for a non-troupe style of play, these are still good exaples of ships stats and characters who may be on board. 

A Standard Ursa

Armor (4) 

Heavy Missiles (4) 

Light weapons (2) 


The player may inhabit their ship with one full PC besides the Captain, who can be anyone on board. The player may also spend 12 dice around the ship for named characters, no more than (3) per character. 

Because this is the first model of these ships and their first tour of duty is just beginning, please no stats above (3) for any Ursa  related skill; at the beginning of the war,  even the Captain is new at this!  So, a finished ship and crew, ready to leave port from the training grounds might look like this: (Don’t forget a hook and a tale are each worth one extra die!)


Captain Joao Joaquin Octavio-Villalobo:

Unlucky former admiral with political skills, and political enemies (4)

Lucky Captain who can’t wait to get his admiral’s office back (3)

Ship’s chess champion (2)

Aspiring cook (1)

Lucky shots (6)

Hook: Drinks while on duty

Tale: “All I can say is, if you fall in love and want to elope, ask your beloved what her father’s rank is before you follow through with your plan.”

Tools of the trade: Ursa Class Stealth Patrol Boat, crew, hand carved chess set, spice rack, bottle of Martian Jim Beam.


XO Hoshiko Inoue

Zero-G Martial Arts Champion and 2214 Olympic Gold Medalist (5)

First Officer with an eye for details and discipline, yet somehow she is popular with the crew (3)

Traditional Japanese calligrapher (3)

Fission Drive Mechanic (1)

Hook: Suffers from Narcolepsy in 1G environments.

Tale: “After my victories at the 2214 System Olympiad, I decided to finally stop being selfish and do something my father would respect, so I joined the navy. It was the best thing I ever did, but I love that I can still practice in zero-G while on those long tours.”

Tools of the trade: Ursa Class Stealth Patrol Boat, crew, weights and zero-G tatami, zero-G calligraphy set


Ursa Stealth Patrol Boat LSS Caçador Sombra

Armor (4)

Heavy Missiles (4+1)

Light Weapons (2)

Hook: A flaw in her construction means the Caçador Sombra has a tendency to leak pure O2 into the life support system when under duress, which could cause the ship’s atmosphere to combust under the right conditions. This is her maiden voyage, so the crew isn’t aware of this yet!

Tale: too new for a tale, but stay tuned!


Trent Mack– Ship’s cook and Hand Gun Enthusiast (2)

Li Xiao Long – Sensor Specialist (2)

Aleksandra Cies'likowa – Medic (2)

Nils Hämäläinen – Rail Gunner (3)

 Ngati Kahu Ngunu – Communications Specialist (3)