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Risus is a complete, universal (non-genre), rules-lite roleplaying game by S. John Ross. Download the free rules here.  It's a complete game at six pages and a thing of beauty.


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Worlds At War


  Submarine-like warfare in a near future.

These pages are devoted describing and hashing out a hard science fiction roleplaying game which takes place during a civil war within the solar system. The players will be captains of stealth combat ships for the drastically outnumbered, yet technologically advanced, outer planets as they desperately try to hold back the Earth's brutal re-expansion into the solar system.

The setting is trying to invoke a feeling in this neighborhood:

        55% Das Boot / Run Silent, Run Deep

        15% The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - Robert Heinlein

        15% Schismatrix - Bruce Sterling 

        15% Mars Trilogy - Kim Stanley Robinson 


 The pages  linked on the sidebar contain lots of information explaining different aspects of the setting, as well as more Risus related stuff and sample characters. Pages will be added, updated and changed as we find what works and what doesn't during our first game.