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How much can I buy a house for in Detroit?

posted May 19, 2013, 5:04 AM by Aaron B Lewis
Below is my response to a general question I received from what I assume to be a new investor (at least new to Detroit investing).

depends on the acquisition method
-retail-thru mls and realtor (highest cost)
-wholesale-possibly thru realtor from mls, or craigslist,ebay, bid4asets and investors (midrange)
-auction-thru online auction (best to partner with experienced skilled INVESTOR (very low cost)
-Expert acquisition- thru local expert INVESTOR with heart of a teacher- (absolute lowest cost, few thousand IF THAT!)

What method are you using to acquire the home?

Haverhill and Morningside are on the Eastside, are you familiar with the Eastside specifically those streets?

When investing in Detroit planning and education are the most important aspect to success. Align with an expert INVESTOR  who can guide you through the process