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Detroit Investment Properties 101:Wayne County Auction- followup from video call

posted Oct 8, 2014, 10:45 AM by Aaron B Lewis
Sorry but technology difficulties with the video call today. I will have another hopefully this week. In the meantime I have written responses to  items that i wanted to cover

Here is the skinny on the auction.

-Don't go at it alone. Get a trusted advisor.
-How to tell if your trusted advisor is a professional
Ask them these questions
1. How many rental properties do you currently own?
2. How long have you been participating in the Wayne County auction?
3. Do you invest full-time, part-time or as a hobby every once in a while
4. What was the ROI on you last deal, and please explain

-This is the ABSOLUTE greatest opportunity to buy Tax Lien properties and- Why all investors should  love (Like I do!) tax lien properties vs the common fear of Quit Claim Deeds from tax auctions.
-I don't advise bidding on homes you have not seen the inside of (thats not how a professional does it, that more of a gambler) It's pretty obvious why. Learn how to see the inside before the you bid.
-Why help homeowners stay rather then trying to buy their home. The goal is to stabilize and strengthen neighborhoods. Neighbors make up neighborhoods. Keep longterm residents in the neighborhoods and sure up the vacated homes around, there are plenty.