Past Conference Locations, Themes & Speakers

2017, Muncie, IN, Speaker: Thomas Tweed and David Gushee

2016, Muncie, IN, Speaker: Amy DeRogatis

2015, Ada, OH, Speaker: Liz Wilson

2014, Ada, OH, Speaker: Laurie Zoloth

2013, Ada, OH, "Religion and Memory" Speaker: Flora Keshgegian

2012, Rock Island, IL, "Religion and Fear"

2011, Rock Island, IL, "Teaching Religion"

2010, Rock Island, IL "Religion, Sex, and the Body"

2009, River Forest, IL, "Religion and Play," Speaker: William Sims Bainbridge.

2008, River Forest, IL, "Religion and the State."

2006, River Forest, IL, "Religion and Violence," Speaker: Bruce Lincoln.

2005, Chicago, "Religion in the Public Sphere," Speaker: Mark Silk.

2004, Chicago, "Religion and Education," Speaker: Jonathan Z. Smith.

2003, Chicago, "Religion and Immigration," Speaker: Vasudha Narayanan.

2002, Chicago, "Religion and the Media," Speaker: Martin Marty.

2001, Chicago, "Religion and Humor," Speaker: Lee Siegel.

2000, Chicago, "Physical Religion," Speaker: Felicitas Goodman.

1999, St. Louis, "Religion and Conflict: Retrospect and Prospect," Speaker: Nancy Falk.

1998, Chicago, "Religious Encounters in Changing Worlds," Speaker: Vasudha Narayanan.

1997, Terre Haute, "Religion and Family Life," Speakers: Gerald James Larson and Peter Paris.

1996, St. Louis, [no specific theme], Speakers: Delwin Brown and David Petersen.

1995, Chicago, "Religion, Health, and Healing," Speakers: Heidi Hadsell, Larry Greenfield, and George Cairns.

1994, Valparaiso, "Transmitting Religious Traditions," Speakers: Mark Schwehn, Philip Hefner, and Gail McGrew Eifrig.

1993, Kalamazoo, "1893-1993: Reflections on the Parliament of the World's Religions," Speakers: Pascal Boyer, Susan Thistlewaite, Richard Seager, and Jim Kenney.

1992, Terre Haute, "Discovering the New World: Discerning the Strange and Familiar in American Religion in the 1990s," Speakers: Judith Berling, Barbara DeConcini, John Roth, and Jim Lewis.

1991, Dayton, "Religion and Contesting Identities," Speakers: Robert Michaelsen.