Current Call For Papers

Spring 2014 Conference

Conference Speaker:  Laurie Zoloth,  Northwestern University, "The Duties of Abundance: Religion and the Ethics of Ordinary Life in a Time of Radical Climate Change"

April 4-5, 2014

Ohio Northern University

Ada, Ohio, USA

Deadline for proposal submissions is NOW FRIDAY, January 10, 2014, by midnight that night.

Authors may submit a 250 to 450 word proposal for individual papers or for panels of papers. The online submission system will prompt you to designate a particular "Section" for your proposal. (The Sections are listed on the Section Chairs web page). If you have any questions about whether your proposal is appropriate for a particular section, please contact that section’s chair. If you feel your proposal does not fit into any of our current sections, you may submit it to the Special Topics section. While at least one Special Topics session may be related to the themes addressed by the conference speaker, proposals to Special Topics (or any other section) need not be tailored to fit the themes addressed in the plenary session. 

Creative, unconventional, interactive session formats are highly encouraged. 

Please observe these restrictions:

1. You may submit up to two different proposals to a single section.
2. You may submit up to two different proposals to two different sections.
3. You may not submit the same proposal to two different sections.
4. Please indicate if religious observances will make a Friday afternoon panel inappropriate for your participation.

Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent out at the beginning of February.

Click here to submit a proposal: