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Area Quests and Goals - by Wissie

Area Quests and Goals

Some areas in Aardwolf have special puzzles hidden within them called
Area Quests, or AQs. These missions are separate from the quests given by
Questor and are generally more involved than normal quests, requiring some
logic and problem-solving skills. AQs usually give a reward such as special
equipment, gold, keys or even portals to the area upon completion. While AQs
are not absolutely required for game play in Aardwolf - some areas (for
example, The Great City of Knossos) do require some AQ knowledge to fully
navigate the area.

Goals are a relatively new addition to Aardwolf, arriving after V3 was
implemented and are intended to add a fun, extra challenge to supplement the
existing AQs. Like AQs, goals are not required to play Aard nor are they
found in all areas. By typing "goals"(to get a full list), "goals here" (to
see if there is a goal in the area you are currently in) or "goals <search
text>" (to see a list of goals matching search text) you can determine if a
particular place has any. Goals can be searched by level range, new, open,
notdone, complete, byname and byrating (1 being the easiest and 5 the
hardest) or any combination thereof.

Much like AQs, goals give prizes and rewards and are usually divided into a
number of tasks that must be completed in order to receive said reward. These
tasks can range from killing a number of mobs, finding or returning items or
simply giving the correct response to the correct character. To see a list of
the tasks you have yet to complete in all open goals, type "task". "Task
here" shows a list of tasks for the area/goal you are currently in while
"task <goal name>" will show tasks for that particular goal only. To cut
back on spam, "tasklist" will show a quick summary of all open tasks, or you
can use "tasklist <goal name>" for tasks related to just that goal.

AQs and goals usually require some thought and perseverance to complete
them. However, there are a few tips and tricks common to all. Each goal in
Aardwolf has a help file associated with it - which you can access by typing
"help <goal>"- which is always a good place to start when beginning a new
goal to gain information on the purpose of the tasks. Clues may also be hidden
within task lists so be sure to read those carefully. Listening and looking
at everything possible is fundamental to solving both AQs and goals as many
room descriptions and mobs will give suggestions as to what needs to be done
or to whom to talk to begin or advance the goal. Sometimes the use of a
particular social is required, other times someone else may have just
completed the same goal you are working on and the area needs to repop before
you can go any further. For the most part everything you need for a goal is
within that area though there are exceptions. Basic logic is very important
for goal completion and a lot of the time the answer seems to be harder to
find than it really is. If all else fails you may ask for a hint on the
Question and Answer channel but it is up to the discretion of other players
if they wish to give you a nudge in the right direction.