American Folk Dance Program


American folk dance program



Yona & Al Chock produce music and dance instruction for easy-to-learn dances

squares, lines, mixers and contra dances

Al Keali’i and Yona Chock have had a lifelong interest in American Square Dancing and Contra Dance.  They have been teaching American Folk Dances, from colonial to contemporary, as Artists-in-Residence and Artistic Teaching Partners in public and private schools throughout Hawai’i since 1994.  They have presented workshops for teachers at the Hawai’i Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (HAHPERD), and on the mainland for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) National Convention. They received the Plaudit Award from the National Dance Association (NDA) at the 2006 AAHPERD convention for their significant contributions to the field of dance and to the lives of dance enthusiasts.

 Yona is a Square Dance Caller and Contra Prompter, and Al is her dance partner and sound technician.  They call and teach for all ages from elementary school students through senior citizens at camps,  schools, churches, clubs, and private parties.  She has been a featured caller at national (both American and Canadian) square dance conventions and has presented workshops and programs for CALLERLAB. 

 The American Folk Dance program consists of a series of workshops for each school’s grade level (75-150 students), together with the teachers.  It is especially geared to the fifth grade, providing vignettes of history as shown by dance.  In other words, exploring American history through dance.  Schools are invited to have these dance programs either through the Artists-in-the-School program (applications are due in mid-June) or shorter sessions which may be financed through the Department of Education, Parent-Teacher-Student Association, or other sources.


Member of the

Hawaii Alliance for Health, Physical Eeducation, Recrteation, and Dance (HAHPERD) (former Dance Chair; life member)

Former Member of the

CALLERLAB (International Association of Square Dance Callers)  (former Chair and Vice Chair, Committee for Community & Traditional Dance)

CONTRALAB (Intlernational Association of Contra Callers)  (former Secretary and Board Member)

 National Dance Association, AAHPERD (former State Vice President)

Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS)

Lloyd Shaw Foundation (LSF)

Contra Dancers of Hawai'i


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