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Balloon Sculpture & Face Painting

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Balloon sculpture  &  Face painting


Yona is an award-winning balloon sculptor, having won third, second, and first prizes in all three categories (single, multiple, and balloon arrangement) in the Clowns of America International, Inc. (COAI) competitions.  She has retired as a competitor, and served as judge in both balloon sculpting and face painting competitions when she attends the COAI conventions.

Yona teaches clown and magic classes, and has taught  them for the City & County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation, and the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa’s Outreach College.  She directed the Clown Academy  sponsored by the Clowns of Aloha.  She is the founding instructor and coordinator of the free magic 45-minute classes which were offered by the Hawai’i Magicians Society (IBM Ring No. 185) on the fourth Thursday of each month (except November and December), since March 2006, at the Kalihi-Palama State Public Library, 1325 Kalihi Street, Honolulu 96816 (the classes, held before the 7 p.m. club's meeting were discontinued in 2013).

Yona has been a columnist for the Laugh-Makers and The New Calliope magazines, and is the author of The Magic of Clippo, Kitchen Magic, and Boost Your Magic with  Balloons.

Face Painting is one of Yona's favorite arts.  It allows for one-on-one time with each person.  In addition to her repertoire of fantasy and realistic designs, she has worked at Native American Pow-wows, producing authentic Native American designs.  She can choose designs to fit your party theme.

Yona is a trained artist, and produced black velvet paintings for sale at the International Market Place in Waikīkī when she first began raising her family.  

She now paints acrylics and taught a class on the use of this medium, as well as demonstrating other aspects of arts and crafts.  Her painting, depicting Luke 2:12-14, was selected by the Good Samaritan Evangelicial Lutheran Society (which has 240 retirement communities in 24 states) for their 2008 Christmas card.  She is co-chair of the Pohai Nani Art Studio and was the director of the Pōhai Nani Players from 2008-2013.

[top two photos by Al Keali'i Chock; bottom photo by Pacific Photo Company (James Makizuru); 

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