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AAPL DUI & Defensive Driving School offers Risk Reduction, DUI classes, Defensive Driving classes, and Driver's Education Classes in Douglasville, Georgia. Lic # 10046
As your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, all class registrations are kept confidential.
We are easily found on Highway 78 near I-20 in Douglas County.
DUI classes, Defensive driving classes, and Driver's education classes (online courses now available)

Risk assessment

This evaluation will give you a better understanding of your own drug and/or alcohol use, tolerance levels, behavioral patterns, and lifestyle choices.

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DUI class (#10046)

This is the twenty-hour state mandated class required for reinstatement of one's driver's license for DUI or related drug charges. DUI classes are held over the weekend. People who have attended our DUI program have a great success rate as far as being sober or staying out of trouble.

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Defensive driving class (DI # 2192)

A refresher course in good driving practices designed for previously licensed drivers who have license points, suspensions, revocations, or court orders. It may also be used as an insurance discount in some cases.

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Driver's education class DT # 582 ($30. online course)

As per Joshua's Law, it is a state requirement that all 16-year-olds take an approved Driver's Education Course to be issued a license in Georgia. This class will better prepare you or your child for handling all kinds of driving conditions and traffic situations. By learning the rules of the road, you will greatly reduce your risk of having an accident or getting a ticket. We make driving classes fun for teens and adults.  Our instructors are caring, fun loving people who are highly qualified to teach driving classes.  We beat any price we also compare prices. Sign up for our online driver education course or view a 30-minute demo.

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