Ami Ownbey Photography

Making the world a more beautiful place at least on film.

My specialties include


*Black and white photos

*Outdoor weddings

I love taking photos of people and am continually striving to improve through experience and training.



Anna Graduation 07



  Debbie and Sharon Graduation Portraits 2007


 Easter egg hunt


 Easter at Glenda's


 Easter 2007


Rachel's Recital Reception


Black and white 2006

Lilly Wedding 2006


Graduation 2006





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Ami Ownbey

special events start at $40.

Graduation packages start at $60.

Outdoor weddings start at $100.

Cant afford to spend a lot custom deals available.

Phone: (208) 596-2947

Email: ownb9353(at)vandals(dot)uidaho(dot)edu