Synopsis - It's All Up To Us

Book 1: Follow Brian as he runs for the Senate against incumbent William Blain in Pennsylvania in 2014, using a go-green, put-people-back-to-work-manufacturing-green-technologies platform. And the political hatchet men come after him. But Brian knows a secret about Blair and uses it to full advantage, and actually wins the Senate seat.

Book 2: In Washington, he quickly gets censured and stripped of his committees when he votes his conscience and not how he's told to vote. With no other way to make a difference, he runs for president in 2016.

Book 3: Having no nation-wide name recognition, or the funds to buy it, the political machines run Brian into the ground. So he decides to quit the Democratic Party. He forms his own party, the American Party, and hits the campaign trail speaking about Sanity in Government and actually wins the California Democratic primary as a write in candidate. His name becomes a household word. The polls have him on equal ground with his Democratic and Republican opponents. Of course, once he gains in popularity, the world’s true people brokers fear him and multiple sabotage and murder plots converge on him. Can he survive until election day?