Treatment: Invasion Blue Dot

Treatment: Invasion Blue Dot
The first of a triology.
Air Force Major Thomas “Mack” Macksey and his squadron of Throat Slitters easily overwhelm a squadron of Navy fliers at Top Gun during an exercise to demonstrate the superiority of the new F-27 Python, the latest generation of U.S. fighter jet.
Seismometers put on the moon during the Apollo missions awaken. Reports show evidence of massive disturbances on the far side of the moon, indicating that millions of cubic meters of the lunar surface are being shifted. It is determined that someone is definitely engaged in heavy construction in Crater Galileo.


The U.S. sends a probe to Crater Galileo. It is destroyed as it rims the crater before it can send back any information. The U.S. sends two more probes to the area. One is shot down immediately. The other manages to send back images for several seconds of weird ships and tremendous, alien machines constructing huge, weird buildings, with flat, round empty spaces and what look like rectangular landing pads.


Mack marries his sweetheart, Amy Cunningham, and moves into her house. Molly, Amy’s young daughter, is ecstatic because she adores Mack. Mack announces that he will quit the Air Force and get a job as an airline pilot so he can be with his new family every day.


Hundreds of alien ships swarm out from behind the moon and advance toward Earth. The U.S. scrambles every fighter it has, including Macksey and his squadron, to counter the threat, just in case they are hostile.


When the aliens arrive, they plunge into the atmosphere and totally destroy numerous cities around the world. Earth fighters from most countries attack them and huge dogfights ensue all over the globe, but the last of the outmatched Earth forces are finally shot down. Macksey and a few of his colleagues parachute to safety and are picked up and taken to secret underground bases nearby.


The aliens then send their ships to each of Earth’s poles, and using a two-dimensional, triangular, high energy weapon called a “rayser,” each ship takes a longitudinal vector and begins to systematically burn all life on the surface of the Earth to ashes. There are, however, small strips of land that are missed where the beams don’t overlap.


Mack defies orders and goes home to check on his family. He finds that Amy has been killed by the raysers, but Molly, who was down in the basement during the attack, barely survived. He rushes her to an underground hospital.


The aliens build bases throughout the world, each with massive atmospheric processors that start burning all the oxygen from the air.


A small band of survivors in a western town struggles to stay alive in the wasteland that was once the U.S. They find two Cruise missiles that were fired unsuccessfully at the alien ships during the recent battle and take them back to the basement of a grocery store where they live. A wounded Air Force officer, Colonel Barr, and some local boys, try to reactivate them, hoping to use them against a nearby alien base.


Intelligence is gathered and the remaining Earth forces attack the alien bases, overwhelming their defenses easily. The ground soldiers cannot find any aliens, or alien DNA, just downed ships and empty buildings that have no discernible purpose.


Hundreds of alien ships streak toward Earth from the far side of the moon again. They land and strange machines begin digging into the underground bases after they determine where the Earth’s reserves are hiding.


Earth forces, bolstered with stolen, alien technology, counterattack the invading aliens. Huge battles form as infantry attack the alien bubble rovers on the ground, and waves of Earth fighters battle the alien ships that come swooping down from space. Slowly, the tide turns toward the defenders and, at last, the rest of the alien ships are shot down, but not before they bomb many of the underground bases, caving in the overhead layers of rock.


Mack tries to find his small, two-room apartment among the rubble in the underground base to save Molly, but the whole area has been destroyed. He cajoles a team of engineers to expose a wall beside Molly’s bedroom. They drill a hole in the wall and Mack crawls in and finds Molly injured, but alive.


Huge tremors shake the ground at all the alien bases when massive white bubbles, a mile in diameter, slowly rise out of the ground. Officials correctly surmise that they are doomsday devices.


Colonel Barr and a local boy, Timmy, put their cruise missiles on the back of a flatbed truck to attack the doomsday bubble rising a few miles away. They try to fire the missiles from a safe distance, but their engines don’t ignite. So Barr drives the truck into the bubble, detonating the missiles on contact, destroying the device before it can activate.


The commanding general from a nearby, underground base, watches Barr’s sacrifice from a satellite image, learns how to destroy the rest of the bubbles and orders their destruction. The armies and air forces in other countries successfully destroy their own doomsday devices, but many other devices around the world go off, creating craters in the ground five hundred miles wide and twenty miles deep.


The U.S. launches numerous satellites and worldwide communications is restored. Several industrialized countries coordinate an armaments rebuilding project using alien technology to outfit an invasion force that will be sent to the far side of the moon. It is decided that Colonel Macksey will lead the assault.