Treatment Beehive Mountain

Treatment: Beehive Mountain

The princess of Ponteria is kidnapped by demons from her bedroom high in the castle’s tower. King Bolton sends his son, Prince Honor, and the 100 knights of the Light Company to follow the demons’ trail. The king will follow with the rest of the army.


Prince Honor and the Light Company save Attok Village from a demon onslaught, where Honor meets the daughter of the mayor. They learn that that was just a ruse to gain time so the rest of the demons can spirit the princess away on giant gryphons.


King Bolton and Prince Honor consult the oracles on Dream Mountain only to find them smeared on the inside walls of their cave. That night, Bolton and Honor have the same dream of elves burning and dying, and other weird images. The king and prince visit the mysterious elves who promise to help them, and then promptly disappear.


The Ponterian army travels beyond the southern mountains in search of the demons and befriends an army of apes, and then tribesmen. The three armies find the Mellocks, the race who controls the gryphons and are in league with Mal-kitor, the wizard who controls the demons and kidnapped the princess.


The Ponterians lure the Mellockian army out of their city-state and destroy them, then invade the city. They storm the palace only to have Mal-kitor escape with the princess to his castle. They rescue an army of trolls from the Mellockian dungeons whose prince knows where the wizard’s castle is located.


The four armies journey to Mal-kitor’s castle where the apes fight a horde of mutant monkeys in the forest surrounding the castle. The Ponterians and tribesmen battle an army of demons and destroy the thousands of poisonous spiders sent to destroy them.


Just when victory seems certain, demons counter-attack King Bolton’s command post and kill the king, and two massive dragons are released from the base of the mountain that route the armies.


The trolls attack the dragons and kill the huge beasts by pelting them in the mouth with a mixture of poisonous moss and mud. At last, the way to the castle lies open.


The three elves appear to Prince Honor inside his tent and inform him that the wizard can slay all of the armies should they venture inside the castle and into his halls of power. They convince him that there is only one way to slay Mal-kitor and save his sisterhe must venture inside the castle, confront the horrors and the evil wizard, alone. They give him an amulet to fend off some of the sorcerer’s most vile incantations and offer him advice.


Honor poisons all of his blades and enters the castle. He walks into a large, domed room where the wizard tries to kill him with massive bolts of energy. His amulet protects him each time. He walks down another corridor which tilts sharply and Honor tumbles down a darkened chute. He must summersault over daggers that sprout from the floor and finally plummets out of a hole high in a wall and lands in a pool of deep water. He swims toward the light, but his amulet pulls him toward the darkness, which is really the shallow end, until he breaks the surface of the water.


He follows the screams of a woman through a labyrinth of tunnels until he finds a chamber where his sister is being tortured. He rushes in, kills the guards and slays the torturers. He frees his "sister" who turns into a hideous monster that envelops his whole body. Honor falls unconscious, then wakes up unharmed and wonders how he survived.


He works his way out of the dungeons and up to where the wizard’s bodyguards, monstrous demons, lurk. He manages to kill them all with the help of poisoned throwing knives. He searches for the wizard to no avail until he realizes that Mal-kitor must live one level higher.


Honor figures out how to reach Mal-kitor’s lair and finds his sister in the wizard’s clutches. The elves appear and help free the princess, but the wizard escapes through a hidden door. The elves spirit the princess away to safety and Honor follows the wizard into his innermost sanctum.


Honor finds the wizard floating inside a huge bubble. He tries to split the bubble open with his sword and when that fails, his amulet starts glowing. Remembering his dream, Honor uses the amulet to enter the bubble. The wizard awakens and they fight a slow-motion duel with daggers while swimming in a viscous fluid.


After nearly being killed numerous times, Honor’s ruse of letting the amulet fall from his grasp succeeds and he is able to finally slay the wizard when Mal-kitor reaches for the amulet. At that moment, the bubble bursts in a wet cascade.


Honor thanks his allies and travels with his army to the Village of Attok to invite the mayor and his daughter, whom Honor hopes to marry, back to his castle to celebrate their defeat of the wizard.

Upon arriving home to his capitol city of Corsia, Honor sees that the eastern quarter is in ruins. The captain of the home guard informs him that while the army was away, a strange race invaded the city, not for conquest or booty, but to steal the lotus plants in the subterranean gardens.


Honor makes plans to find the people who invaded his kingdom and learn the reason for their treachery before exacting his revenge.