Treatment: BD

Treatment: BD

Kevin has the funniest friends.

He has troubles at home.

He has the most stressful job.

He meets Erin

His job does not go well.

He splits from his wife.

He enters the dating scene and becomes very confused.

He gets in weird, awkward and desperate situations.

He worries about the pimple.

His job gets worse and worse.

He looks up his college girlfriend.

He almost runs into Erin.

Erin has troubles at home.

She becomes Mr. Hubble’s executor.

She spends millions of Hubble’s money.

She throws her husband out.

She publishes Hubble’s book.

She is transformed by THE book.

She becomes Chairwoman of the Hubble Foundation.

She runs into Kevin; they start dating.

They fall head over heels, then in Love.

He moves in with her.

They have problems but work earnestly to become a happy family.

She discovers the re-creation of the influence for good.

They actually become content and strive toward enlightenment.

Or do they?