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It's All Up To Us
By Kevin Warrick Fitzgerald

The first book of the Brian Connelly Trilogy

Sick and tired of the political corruption in this

country, of politicians selling themselves like so

many pork bellies, of our elected officials putting

hard-working people dead last when making their

decisions? So is Brian Connelly. He decides to do

something about it and runs for the Senate from

Pennsylvania. That’s when his problems begin.




In A Fit Of Fury

By Kevin Warrick Fitzgerald

In A Fit Of Fury

Prequel to The Crunch Case

An Inspector Warren adventure

The Director of the CIA needs protection and asks Warren and his Marshals to see him safely to testify before Congress. The director has a seizure in-route. A friend of Warren's is killed by the would be murderers who flee to Cuba. Warren and his men are smuggled ashore and kidnap them from the Cuban army only to find out who their true enemies are.

By John Linay Hamilton, Jr.

BD - 24, twenty-two minute episodes

A full season

A slice of life of Kevin Brody.  His personal life. His love life. His professional life. His home life. His zany adventures.  His wacky misadventures. It’s funny. It’s touching. It’s light. It’s heavy. It’s thought-provoking. It’s downright unexpected. You’ll care about what’s going to happen, but you’ll never be able to guess what’s coming next.


By special contract, Mr. Hamilton has fashioned all three of Kevin Warrick Fitzgerald's Inspector Warren novels into screenplays. Twenty, 44-minute episodes are ready for your perusal.

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Red has produced 3 episodes of BD and put them on YouTube.

Red has put the screenplays of all 24 episodes on Google Docs.


The Ultimate Showdowns

By Kevin Warrick Fitzgerald

    The second book of the Brian Connelly Trilogy

President Brian Connelly enlists Inspector Warren’s aid, then goes after the enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic. He deals with banking and health care, solves the North Korea problem and World War III happens, all within the first year.  In his second State of the Union address, Brian declares war on “the biggest threat to our country,” the United States Congress, and is ready to back up that threat. Can he survive the press, impeachment proceedings, no-win scenarios and murder plots?



The Crunch Case 

By Kevin Warrick Fitzgerald
The Crunch Case
An Inspector Warren adventure
Instead of getting his much-needed vacation, U.S. Marshal Warren, is sent to New York to become a member of an international group of law enforcement officers to combat a highly-addictive, smokable form of heroin that the press dubs, "Crunch." Crunch has inundated much of the world and is the number one health hazard in the U.S.. Can Warren follow the clues and put them out of business forever?

 Invasion Blue Dot
By  John Linay Hamilton, Jr.
Invasion Blue Dot - 141 pages
The first of a triology.
Seismometers placed during the Apollo missions awaken. U.S.  probes confirm that weird ships and alien machines are  engaged in heavy construction in Crater Galileo on the far side of the moon. Days later, swarms of alien ships attack earth, destroying cities. Air Force Major Thomas “Mack” Macksey must help defend Earth.  After massive early casualties to Earth’s defenses,  the aliens then send their ships to each of Earth’s poles, and using a two-dimensional, triangular, high energy weapon called a “rayser,” each ship takes a longitudinal vector and systematically burns all life on the surface of the Earth to ashes. Then the aliens build huge bases around the globe and begin to systematically burn all of the oxygen from Earth’s atmosphere. Can Mack and the remnants of Earth’s forces counter-attack the aliens, using the aliens’ advanced technology and save the planet?

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Take That Step
 By Kevin Warrick Fitzgerald
Follow Erin Miller as she enters Horace Hubble’s
“world” and its wonderful effects take hold. The
consequences are profound for her, even if it’s too
late for him. About a woman, for women, maybe. You tell me.





The Grillo War

By Kevin Warrick Fitzgerald

The Grillo War

Sequel to The Crunch Case

An Inspector Warren adventure

The most powerful mafia lord in the country wants Inspector Warren dead. After a botched attempt on his life, Warren gathers his allies and goes after his enemy, but immediately learns that he is the one who is hunted. He soon realizes that he is up against the most cunning adversary he has ever faced, and an all out war develops. It is a war of subterfuge and nerves, with feint within feint, and whoever can gain the edge with information and firepower, just might survive.



Beehive Mountain
By  John Linay Hamilton, Jr.
Beehive Mountain - 148 pages

The first of a trilogy.

King Bolton of Ponteria sends his son, Prince Honor, and 100 knights after the demons who kidnapped his daughter. The trail leads to murdered witches, slaughtered elves, an army of displaced apes, starving tribesmen, an unknown race of the wizard's accomplices, homeless trolls, and finally to the foreboding castle of the wizard, Mal-kitor. The four armies consisting of the Ponterians, apes, tribesmen and trolls then battle the defenses guarding the castle, consisting of hundreds of demons and mutant monkeys, thousands of poisonous spiders, and two huge dragons. Then the elves inform Prince Honor that if he is to save his sister, he and he alone must face the horrors inside the castle to defeat the powerful wizard.



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