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Word Wall

Word Wall (ww)

Term 1
1.  Chemistry
2.  Matter
3.  Element
4.  Atom
5.  Electrons
6.  Chemical Bonds
7.  Intermolecular Forces

Term 2
1. Nuclear chemistry
2.  Gas
3.  Gas Laws
4.  Mole
5.  Toxin
6.  Stoichiometry
7.  Acid & Base


Chemistry Vocabulary Term 1 (not in WW)

1A. alchemy
1B. density (mass & volume)
1C. intensive properties 
1D. extensive properties
1E. compounds
1F. solid, liquid, gas, & aqueous
1G. chemical formula
1H. solute vs. solvent
1I. polyatomic ions
1J. Law of conservation of mass
1K.  Mendeleev
1L. atomic number
1M.  atomic mass & amu (atomic mass unit)
1N.  nucleus (in atom)
1O.  proton/electron/neutron
1P.  isotope
1Q.  energy levels (shells) & electron subshells
1R.  electron configuration
1S.  ionization energy, atomic radius, electron affinity , electronegativity
1T.  DE=hv, frequency, atomic spectrum
1U.  radioactivity, alpha, beta, and gamma rays
1V. nuclear fission & fusion
1W.  ionic bonds vs. covalent bonds
1X.  octet rule & Lewis Dot diagram
1Y.  intermolecular forces, polar molecules vs. nonpolar molecules
1Z.  saturated, unsaturated, super-saturated solutions.

Chemistry Vocabulary - Term 2 (not in WW)

1.  Phases (solid, liquid, gas)
2.  Absolute zero & Kelvin temperature
3.  Pressure
4.  Charles' Law, Boyle's Law, Gay-Lussac's Law
5.  Stoichiometry
6.  combustible, combustion
7.  thermodynamics