'Aamra' is a Bengali literary magazine, serving the immigrant Bengali community in North America since 1985.  Published from Ottawa and Toronto (Canada) on a completely non-profit basis, its sole objective is to promote the Bengali language and literature among the immigrant Bengali community. 'Aamra' contains stories, poems and articles in Bengali by writers from across Canada and the United States of America (USA). Regular feature articles include special interviews of renowned writers and artists from India and Bangladesh. Furthermore, there is a children's section that showcases children's work in Bengali, in their own handwriting, to encourage the next generation to master the Bengali language.
From 1985 to 1988, the magazine was produced in handwritten format, and published three times a year. From 1989 onwards, it has been in typed format. From 1989 to 2000, the magazine was published twice a year. Starting from 2000, it is published once a year. The magazine's 25th anniversary issue was published in autumn 2009. Up until the autumn 2011 (27th year)  issue, 'Aamra' was published only in hardcopy format, with a circulation of over 600 subscribers across Canada and the USA. Copies were sold at a nominal price to help  cover the printing costs of the non-profit magazine.
In February 2013, the annual issue of the magazine's 28th year was published. Instead of print copies, the full issue is being made available electronically, for free, on this website. Please click on 'Feb 2013 full issue' on the side-menu, to download the PDF and read the issue. From this issue on, 'Aamra' will only be published electronically online.
Founding Editor : Mrs. Anuradha Roy
For more information on 'Aamra' (such as how to send writing for publication), please click on the 'E-mail the Editor' link on the side-menu to contact the Editor.