How much does AALDR cost to attend?
The AALDR is free for seminary students and prospective seminary students!  Due to generous partnerships with MNA's African American Ministries, RTS Jackson, Redeemer Church Jackson, and various seminaries, none of the costs for this content-packed weekend fall on students.  Praise the Lord!

Is AALDR only for African Americans?
The AALDR is specifically geared toward the African American experience and situation in the PCA.  Nevertheless, students of any race are welcome to attend.  

I'm not in seminary, but I'm considering it. Can I still attend AALDR?
Yes!  One of the goals of the AALDR is to help provide more information about seminary so that you can make an informed decision about where God is calling you.  If you are thinking about seminary and would like to know more, this weekend is for you.

How do we arrange transportation to Jackson, MS?
Contact your Dean of Students, Admissions Director, or a student representative to see how your seminary is arranging transportation for its students. If you are unable to contact the relevant personnel on your campus, please e-mail Jemar (jtisby@rts.edu).

Where will we stay while we're in Jackson, MS?
Seminary students and prospective students will stay with host families from Redeemer Church across the Jackson Metro area.

I'm not in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Can I still attend AALDR?
Yes! While the AALDR is sponsored and led by PCA ministers, seminary students and prospective students of any denomination are encouraged to attend in order to learn more about what God is doing in and through this denomination.

Is AALDR for women, too?
Yes! The AALDR is for both women and men who want to receive great teaching from our presenters, learn more about the PCA, seminary, and how African Americans fit into the picture.
Is AALDR only for people interested in being pastors?
No! AALDR is for students and prospective students interested in pursuing any degree and vocation.  It is open to students in full or part-time M.DIV, M.A., or certificate programs, and to people who aspire to vocations in counseling, missions, Christian education, or any other calling.

How do I register for AALDR?
Go to our registration page here.

How can I get more information about AALDR?
Go to our contact page, here, and talk to one of our coordinators.

See you in Jackson!