Dear HVC form participants,

We are delighted to have you join us at the October 8, 2015 AAIM HVC forum. This email provides background and instructions on the application portion of the forum. Overall, the forum will provide core knowledge in HVC and application thereof in UME and GME.  Please download and review materials for the sessions in advance as wifi will not be available in forum conference rooms.

The day begins with the knowledge section. It starts with two lectures that will provide a base knowledge for all course participants. Next, there will be 8 small group presentations on well-developed methods forteaching HVC. These will be structured to allow your participation in any 4 sessions. Later, there will be 4 small group presentations on methods for assessing learner competence in HVC.

In the last 1.5 hours of the day, we will focus on application. By the end of the forum, participants will, at a minimum, formulate fairly concrete plans for implementing a HVC curriculum in their own institution. Further, we hope to spark the formation of collaborations across institutions that would develop common curricula, assess and disseminate their effect on meaningful outcome measures. 

To achieve the goals of the application portion of the forum, we have structured the small group sessions as follows:

Group Work: Groups will have 45 minutes to (1) discuss, identify, develop a common HVC curriculum, using the knowledge acquired from earlier sessions; (2) identify an appropriate assessment tool to determine learner comprehension; (3) decide on a hard outcome related to quality, cost or measure of value to assess effectiveness of curriculum on improvement in value of care delivered; (4) decide how they will follow through to implement (IRB, funding, PI). There will be an 8.5 minutes to report out. 

Follow-up: Four months after the forum, we will follow-up with groups to assess progress with implementation. Progress will be assessed based on the degree to which curriculum is implemented as well as feasibility, interesting, novel. Prizes will be awarded to groups with the most significant/impactful.