The AAII Boston Chapter

        Welcome to the AAII - Boston web site!
The purpose of the Boston Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors is to provide objective, noncommercial education regarding our common interest in investing.  Our members share ideas, hear expert speakers, and try to improve investing results.
  • Our President, Ray Rondeau, has been burning up the Texas speaking circuit already in 2015, visiting Dallas, Houston, and Austin.  He is slated to host an Editorial Spot at the MoneyShow in Las Vegas in May.  And he is a Featured Speaker at the AAII National Conference in November.
  • Our President had an article published in the January, 2014, issue of the AAII Journal"To Trend or Not To Trend".  He continued to speak throughout 2014 on investing topics at even more venues around the country, representing AAII Boston with distinction.
  • Last year our Board approved and supported improved communication and outreach with new contact business cards, new signage for events, this website, online event registration, and an additional SIG (New Hampshire).
  • We are happy to announce the recent reorganization of two other SIGs.  Mutual Fund SIG has a new leader, Lou Conrad, and a new location.  Computerized Investing SIG has a new leader, Ray Rondeau, and a new acronym, M.I.T.  See the SIG page for details.

  •  We hope you have enjoyed our programs last year and will join us at our top-level presentation events this year... starting in April.  Meanwhile, keep checking on those monthly SIG meetings and their engaging group discussions and presentations!


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