AAH Friday Co-op

The AAH Friday Co-op offers a unique opportunity for homeschooling families in the Austin, Texas, area. The co-op, an inclusive once-a-week cooperative, is made up of families with a common goal: to provide their children with a socially and academically enriching education in a diverse, supportive, and respectful environment. The co-op offers a variety of classes for the students, from science, history and culture, and arts and crafts, all the way to cooking and fun and games ... whatever the students want to learn and the parents want to teach. The co-op operates as a true cooperative; each parent participates through teaching, assisting, and handling administrative tasks.

Friday Co-op is open to families who have at least one child age 5 or older. There are three class periods, with a selection of classes offered each period for most age ranges, plus an hour for lunch. An age range is determined for each class. The co-op is not a drop-off; a parent must stay on the premises for the duration of the day. Although our families have diverse religious beliefs and practices, Friday Co-op is a secular group.

Dates for Fall 2018 semester:

Class dates: September 7 - November 9

Demo Day:  November 16, 12:30-2:00 p.m. Open to the Public


Applications are being accepted for Teen Only Drop-Off students through August 10th. 

Teen Only Application (Google form) 

Family Application (Google form) CLOSED

Email us for more information.   fridaycoop@gmail.com


Koenig Lane Christian Church
908 Old Koenig Lane
Austin, TX  78756

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Feel free to email us with any questions.  fridaycoop@gmail.com

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