Award Winners

2019  First Place of Student Oral Presentation: Ryan Good, University of Florida
          Runner-up: Yang Liu, University of Alabama

2019  First Place of Photography Competition: RJ Rowley, Illinois State University
          Runner-up: Adam Hasan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2018  First Place of Student Oral Presentation:
Rachel Lamb, University of Maryland
          Runner-up: Sean Pries, University of California-Davis

2018  First Place of Photography Competition: Savannah Collins-Key, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
          Runner-up: Abel Ayon, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2017  Best Student Presentation Award:  Marie Louise Ryan, Penn State University

2016  Best Student Presentation Award:  Yinan He, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
          Student Short Paper Competition Award:  Mark Rhodes, Kent State University

2013  Student Paper Award:  Melissa Belz, Kansas State University

2011  Student Paper Award:  Stephanie Wilbrand, University of Girona