Ian Wilson's 1867: The Railways of Canada

1867 is an expansion to 1861 set in Canada. It is essentially "1861 on a new map" - but with a enough differences, we hope, to grab your interest. The map represents the central part of Canada, consisting of the southern part of the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

1867 is now available as a complete game (as of January 2017), and also as a kit which requires a 1861 set. The new bits include a map, new privates, about a dozen new tiles, and some new rules (which add to, or amend, the 1861 rules). This game expansion is compatible with the first (JKLM) and second (AAG) versions.

The key new features are:
  • a) there are no fixed positions for the minor companies, you have to chose a start position when you put up a minor for auction, and
  • b) the State Railway doesn't run its trains and save up for another, but rather just takes the next new train each round. This speeds up the game a little, and also accelerates the trains somewhat. The game end criteria is changed to compensate.
1861 is available from All-Aboard Games and is also available for print and play. This game uses most of the components from 1861.

Game Expansion Kit Contents
  • Map
  • 1 Bank Pool and Initial Offering
  • 5 Private Companies
  • 15 Tiles
  • 2 (Brown) 6-Trains
  • Rule changes from 1861
Full Game Contents
  • 1 Map 
  • 1 Initial Offering/Bank Pool 
  • 5 Private Companies 
  • 16 Minor Company Charters 
  • 8 Public Company Charters 
  • 72 Public Company Share Certificates 
  • 183 Tiles 
  • 48 Train Cards 
  • 1 Priority Deal Card 
  • 98 Tokens (3 per Minor Company, 5 per Public Company, 8 for the Canadian National, and 1 Round Marker) 
  • 18 Loan Markers 
  • 6 Player Order Cards (Numbered 1-6) 
  • Rules 
  • A bank of $15,000 must be supplied by the players. 

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