Climate Controlled Units :: Semi-Climate Controlled Units

This kind of storage facilities are the pioneers in town.  A-Affordable storage was the first storage company that established the climate control service back in 1996. The climate control system allow the customer to protect their most valuable items without worrying about temperature issues like humidity or dirt.

Available in almost all the regular sizes, climate control units are another affordable way to take care of your belongings and not worry about anything that can cause damage to it.

Below you can find a list of advantages that climate control units provide to your most valuable items...for a very reasonable price.

Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage

➣ Dehumidifies the air.

➣ Paper, photos and records last much longer (less deterioration)➣ Closed Building (less dirt and less dust)

➣ Regulated Temperature (Around 80 ‘F)

➣ Best for long term storage of sentimental items.

➣ Antiques / Fabrics last much longer with less exposure to extreme  temperatures and humidity.

➣ Best for storage of musical instruments (Regulated Temperature, dehumidified air, less dirt and dust).