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What is Your Role?

Take time to look at the handicapped parking situation each day and observe the negligent actions of government systems, and society towards handicap licensed drivers. The number of people with disabilities is growing as Baby Boomers age, and it's more difficult to circulate outside of the confines of their homes and experience basic independence activity due to obstructions from equal access to parking in America.
1.  All states except for a couple, have no state statutes to address the purpose of striped access aisles adjoined to handicapped parking spaces.  Accessible van drivers who find their equipment access blocked by vehicles parked over striped access aisles cannot get help from law officers, who say the "violator" drivers in these cases have broken no laws!

2.  ADA regulations for accessible design are not required in all parking facilities and lots nationwide.  Most law officers refuse to ticket handicapped parking "violators" if the posted signage does not meet ADA regulations.  

3. Many violators fail to meet severe mobility-impairment requirements, yet they are able to fraudulently obtain authorization for handicapped parking placards from any:
      a. physician
      b. surgeon
      c. physician assistant
      d. nurse practitioner
      e. certified nurse midwife
      f.  licensed chiropractor, or
      g. optometrist

4. Violators taking handicapped parking spaces or parking over striped access aisles, often claim they're "Just gonna run in real quick and be right back."

5. Violators have no fear of consequences when stealing handicapped parking spaces, because 
tickets are rarely issued by law officers

6. Violators often claim to take handicapped parking spaces because they're tired of seeing them empty1

7. Violators buy, borrow, and steal handicap placards to use in handicapped parking spaces

8. When confronted by citizens with disabilities trying to park, violators have been known to tell disabled drivers they "should stay at home."

1 Most handicapped parking spaces
would be occupied by vehicles of
people with disabilities, if they
weren't discouraged from leaving
home and enjoying independence,
by the actions of violators and 
systematic discrimination.