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RC vs Brian Taboso

posted Apr 4, 2011, 10:04 AM by George Nderitu

(21) George Nderitu - Bryan Taboso [B00]
Eastlands vs CBK nairobi, 03.04.2011
[Fritz 8 (30s)]

42MB, Fritz8.ctg, mathews B00: Queen's Fianchetto Defence, Nimzowitsch Defence 1.e2-e4 b7-b6 2.Bf1-c4 e7-e6 3.Nb1-c3 Bc8-b7 4.d2-d4 Bf8-b4 5.Bc4-d3 last book move 5...Bb4xc3+ 6.b2xc3 Nb8-c6 [6...Ng8-f6!? 7.f2-f3 d7-d6+/=] 7.Qd1-g4+/- g7-g6 8.Ng1-f3 Qd8-e7 9.e4-e5 Qe7-f8 10.0-0 0-0-0 11.a2-a4 f7-f5 12.Qg4-f4 [12.Qg4-h3 h7-h6+/-] 12...h7-h6 13.Bc1-a3 Qf8-f7 14.Qf4-d2 g6-g5 15.Qd2-e2 Kc8-b8 16.Bd3-a6 Bb7-a8 17.Rf1-b1 Ng8-e7 [>=17...Qf7-h5+/-] 18.a4-a5+- Ne7-d5 19.a5xb6 Nd5xc3?? sad, but how else could Black save the game? [19...a7xb6 20.Qe2-d2 g5-g4+-] 20.b6xc7+ Kb8xc7 21.Ba3-d6# 1-0

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