Plan: AACP Community-Public Psychiatry Certification

Goal: Create a Community-Public Psychiatry Certification
Rationale: Certification will improve the quality of patient care for individuals in community-public settings through training improvements and by furthering the development of the field of Community-Public Psychiatry. It will:
  • Increase interest for members in training to pursue career or training in public psychiatry
  • Professionally support community-public psychiatrists through credentialing
  • Define essential knowledge and skills of the field
  • Support Public Psychiatry Fellowships and other post residency training programs through external validation process
  • Encourage residency training programs to strengthen their public and community psychiatry training.
  • Recognize community psychiatrists with years of providing quality psychiatric services
  • Improve cohesiveness among community psychiatrists through defined professional identity
  • Increased membership in support of the AACP

1. Identify key stakeholders and beneficiaries :

  • Consumers and families will identify psychiatrists whose practice is systems based, recovery oriented, family collaborative and evidence based
  • AACP would benefit from membership
  • AACP: Committee on Scholarship and Training has goal of certification
  • Public Psychiatry Fellowship Directors and Trainees
  • Other post residency training programs (eg PLDP, AACP Mentorship, APA program)
  • Public psychiatry graduates may benefit from validation of education
  • NAMI

2.Facilitate that stakeholders buy into plan :
  • Highlight the mutual benefit of certification to stakeholders
  • Emphasize importance of stakeholders input in process of development through team approach
  • Liason closely with AACP: Committee on Scholarship and Training through role of committee as home for developing long term strategies and work group as labor force to carry out plans of committee
  • Facilitate process of communication between the AACP: Committee on Scholarship and Training and work group

3. Develop Knowledge Domains for exam content
  • Utilize AACP: Guidelines on Public Psychiatry Fellowships
  • Consider unique content and skills associated with effectiveness in field
  • Identify key source content for material: eg Gillig and McQuistion Clinical Guide to the Treatment of The Mentally Ill Homeless Person, CATIE Studies etc
  • Develop and utilize explicit criteria in identifying sources

4. Develop Paths to Certification which are not exclusionary to stakeholders and will increase recruitment of early career psychiatrists to the field.
Criteria includes a combination of Education, Experience and Exam results.

  • PATH 1: Graduates of Community-Public Psychiatry Fellowships who pass exam
  • PATH 2: Graduates of Post-Residency Programs or Leadership Training Programs (AACP Mentorship Program, Psychiatric Leadership and Development Program, MPH etc) & 2 years experience in community-public psychiatry who pass exam
  • PATH 3: Graduates of ACGME accredited Residency Programs in Psychiatry & * years experience in community-public psychiatry who pass exam

5. Create process for creating and validating questions
  • Identify and enlist individuals experienced in exam creation and validation
  • Submit questions to expert panel for validation
  • Pilot test among selected AACP members

6. Identify Test Center Format to administer, evaluate and distribute certification based on exam results

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attempts have been made to identify sources which are:

Evidence based
Comprehensive reviews or Meta analyses
Free from commercial bias
Accessible to community-public psychiatrists
"Classic" or groundbreaking publications
High Impact (frequently referenced/cited in the literature)

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