Heraldic Archery Tournament

Date: 8th August 2010
Time: Event Setup from 10am, Event Starts at 11am
Where:Heathridge Primary School Oval, Caridean Street
Steward: Isabel de Annesley (Rachel Kerr, 0418953021
Cost: $5 adult members, $3 children Members
            $7 Adult Nonmembers, $5 Children Non Members
Under 6 Free

This will be a novelty archery shoot and an opportunity to show off those new banners (people are hopefully making!). The programme will have a 'Field of Honour' shoot which will be a team competition, followed by a tournament style 'Device Shoot'. Archers please bring 5 copies of your device (or badge) measuring 7 x 8 1/2 inches on A4 paper. A template is available HERE.
Allowances will be made for those that do not yet have registered devices.
Please contact the steward for Further details.
Please bring your sharps and Blunt arrows, your group and personal heraldic displays, a consort and a dish for the potluck table

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