About Us

AACF Mission Statement

The mission of Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) is to reach into the university and collegiate community, primarily to those who are Asian Pacific Americans, with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

For more information about Asian American Christian Fellowship, you can go to http://aacf.org/

Meet the Core Team!!
Angie Paek

Chantillia Ong

Phylicia Yap

Year: fourth
Major: psychology
Interesting Fact: "I grew up in Indonesia"

Major: computer science/business
Interesting Fact: "I am obsessed with Disneyland"

Year: fourth
Major: aerospace engineering
Interesting Fact: "I caught an octopus with my bare hands"

Year: fourth
Major: accounting
Interesting Fact: "I likes turtles"

Year: fourth
Major: mechanical engineering
Interesting Fact: "I got run over by a wave one time"

Kaylyn Sung

Stacie Lum