Sep 2018

Long Beach Civic Center Project Site Visit

The Southern California Section toured the $520 million, design-build-finance-operate-maintain Long Beach Civic Center Project. The project will replace the old city hall and provide efficient new offices for the Port of Long Beach, a new city library and a retail marketplace and public park that will serve residents and visitors of Long Beach for years to come.

It is one of few projects constructed in California with the P3 public-private-partnership model including maintenance. Since the structures must be maintained for the next 40 years by the partnership, much of the design hinged on long-term cost benefits. With most public spaces typically being low hard bid, this delivery method allowed for material selections that in many cases were higher front-end costs, but with long-term savings in maintenance and efficiency.

Attendees got an in-depth insight as to planning, design elements, special interior details and use of space. The simple elegance of the New Civic Center plan brings new state-of-the-art facilities, new residents and new vitality to Long Beach to make the Civic Center a place that’s truly “of and for the people of Long Beach.” The project is on track to obtain occupancy by June of 2019.

After the project site tour, attendees attended a group dinner to network and socialized with other professionals. The tour had 18 members in attendance with a few students from USC.

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