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Winlink Monthly Net/Test

If you have Winlink capability, please send mike a test message any time on Tuesday June 14 via RF Only.

Frank Winner, EC


Hi all,
Starting June 14th, we will hold a monthly Winlink "net". It will be a monthly test that allows users and sysops to ensure their equipment is working.   The test will be held on the second Tuesday of each month to coincide with COMMEX since most EOC's are manned during COMMEX and folks won't need to make a special trip to the EOC for another test.
The first Section-Wide Winlink  test will be on June 14th. 
Winlink operators will have 24 hours to send me ( an email VIA RF ONLY.   Telnet and web connections do nothing to test the system. Please do not use telnet/web unless you are reporting a problem with a gateway station you cannot access.
Please include the following info:
Type of station: Private, EOC,or other types
County and City
Winlink gateway and any digis or nodes used to access the system
Any issues or problems you had connecting to the system  
EOC's and stations with RMS Relay capability are requested to simulate an Internet feature and forward some traffic via Pactor III to test their HF equipment as well
Stations With HF and soundcard capability are also encouraged to use Winmor to connect to the System.
ALL operators are encouraged to participate in the test, so everyone dust off those TNC's and HF rigs, get involved and have fun!

Mike Liller, N7NMS
ARRL Maryland/DC Section, Assistant SEC